Oh and by the way..... HAPPY NEW YEAR

Happy New Year!!! Okay, a little delayed but never late than never. After Christmas and mourning the death of my favorite Eartha Kitt. I have been busy trying to put into perspective how I want 2009 to go. 2008 was a lot of work. I started the year working like a crazy woman working on films, and trying to promote my photography. A job well done, but geeze,a girl needed a little break. During my break I took some time to think about what I want 2009 to be and what I wanted to focus on. I've decided after the usual personal wishes of paying off student loans dropping 6 pant sizes, and promoting my photography business ; I really just want to live life and have a good time this year. I'm not going to stress on anything. With that being said 2009 came and boy O boy, has she hit the ground running!!!
I got the best Christmas gift!! A advising position with the digital photography graduates Harrington College of Design! Harrington offers an associates of applied science degree in digital photography where students.Its a great program, headed up by photographer, and fellow ASMP board member, Dirk Fletcher. I was offered the position christmas eve. The basic gist of my position is assist graduating students with job placements as assistants or offer assistance in those that have decided to have their own photography businesses. I am excited because I get to play life coach, and I always have said that if I wasn't doing photography I would be a life coach. At Harrington I get the best of both worlds.

Another great thing is that my girlfriend Sher and I have decided to have "art check-in" . This was something that we have made up, as we work on our own personal projects we are meeting once a month to CHECK-IN and show each other what we are working on and get our thoughts clear. Yesterday was our first meeting and it was very successful. Sher discussed with me what she wanted to work on, and then I told Sher what I wanted to work on. We worked with each other and broke down a small flow chart of what to bring to our next meeting. We also are going to art shows every month. I hope we can go to more,but doing these two things as a gurantee every month is amazing.

I'm going to work more consistently with my new consultant.

Obama is in office. What more can we say

This year, I just feel change is coming. I am inspired. I'm looking forward to developing my art, and growing in my new position. I feel lighter. I feel good.
I finally got to my blog. Im happy.

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