GRLTLK!! New Collaboration!

I'm not a radio host, but I will be this Thursday night with my new hommie and coLABorator Fatima Ally with our show GRLTLK.  Fatima and I met through CoLAB a collaborative project between communities of Latina Bloggers Connect, AltSummit and Blogalicious encouraging people to create something new, the project could be big or small it was totally up to us. 

I was super excited to be connected to Fatima! Fati, is a fashion blogger from Nebraska and a fellow brown girl! YES!! Fatima and I spent lots of time texting and emailing about what we are into but with her recent interest in radio we decided our Collaboration would be a show.

So Fati and I present to you GRLTLK on the new social network BLAB.IM.  If you haven't checked out Blab, you should its like a video chat app and its really great! I've been "blabbing" for about 3 months and I have found it to be a great collaboration tool and I have met alot of great people in social media and creative communities. 

Fatima and I are excited to hang out to talk, fashion, blogging and navigating adulthood! We have asked stylist Qween Samone to join the conversation and I am inviting you to come hang out with us too! All you need to log onto Blab is a Twitter account and you can sign up by clicking here.

Hope you can make it Thursday January 28 @ 8pm CST !  

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