Fast Company Made Me Loose My Morning!

I spent most of my morning reading articles from the awesome people at Fast Company. I have LinkedIn to thank for turning me on to Fast Company because even though I had seen there magazines plenty on the newsstands I never paid attention to what the magazine might offer. I still haven't picked up an actual copy of the magazine but after my morning with Fast Company I might stop and check it out when I go grocery shopping this weekend (which is way overdue!).

At any rate, I promised my followers on Twitter that I would post some of the articles I read this morning that I really helpful and hopefully you will too.Out of all the articles I have here the article on procrastination I found to be super thoughtful and helpful, I am a SUPER PERFECTIONIST so much that I over think the projects I am trying to complete so much that I scare myself out of doing it at all. A lot of what I was reading today discussed how to break through that and how to get moving. Overcoming this idea of perfectionism is a work in progress but I did feel a little bit better after reading this article.. so if you deal with procrastination check out "Get to work by meeting procrastination head on"

Here were some other awesome articles that you should check out: 

So in conclusion the whole point of this post is to basically say that I think Fast Company is the shit!
If you have articles you love please pass them on to me and if you check any of these out let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading.

Sorry, Exposure Doesn't Pay Bills

Fellow photographer, board member and most importantly my friend Ron Gould shared this video with me and the rest of the ASMP Midwest board the other week and I thought it was great. So of course I'm sharing it with you here. Working for myself as a photographer, as well as an advisor to photography students I could be a billionaire with all the "its good for the portfolio" requests I receive. I'm always blown away that people are still expecting something for nothing...I digress because that topic could run a blog on its own. So enjoy and let me know what you think.

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