APA Resolve to Connect Tonight!

Tonight is the night! Along with the other 9 chapter of  the APA , APA Midwest will be hosting our “Resolve to Connect” event at Diversey River Bowl from 6:30-9:30 p.m. This is a rare national APA event, when all over the country, networking events will be taking place. Our goal tonight, is to bring together everyone in the industry for a chance to meet and renew old acquaintances while recharging those creative batteries. Tonight if you are in the area stop by and meet photographers, assistants, producers, stylists, digital techs, retouchers, actors, models and casting agents!

Anyone who has participated in a photo shoot with a team of people knows there can be a creative synergy that develops when everyone is collaborating and on the same page. Its a fantastic feeling, working together as a team to create something new and different. This event should help you build a bigger network of fellow collaborators, and get you ready for your next gig!

Its going to be fun, so if you are in the area please consider stopping by!

See you tonight and as always thanks for reading :)


Creative Capital Core Weekend Workshop

I recently attended a Creative Capital Core Weekend Workshop organized by Chicago Artists' Coalition. For two and a half days I focused on self-management, strategic planning, fundraising and promotion within my art practice in an hotel conference room in Champaign IL. It's important that I stress MY ART PRACTICE, because I spend alot of time working with students, and working commercial photographers producing events and programs that will help them with their businesses, and as much work as that takes, its easy to forget to take care of myself first. This weekend was exactly what I needed.  There were twenty-six artists in all and I am not exaggerating when I say that these were some of the most talented, exciting, diverse and funny group of artists that i have ever met! I left the weekend not only overwhelmed (in a good way) of information but inspired. The best part of the weekend though, is I have 25 new artist friends that not only support me in my art practice but I support them in theirs YAY!!

Oh yeah! Another thing was that this workshop was smack dead in the middle of my fathers birthday weekend, so I brought my folks along with me to Champaign, and we celebrated at Red Lobster, I rarely travel with an entourage but you know what the heck! Oprah has a entourage, so why not me? Right? 
Happy Birthday Dad xoxo

Here are some pictures, I grabbed with my iPhone.


Thanks for reading.

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