The 2009 "Recession Proof" Art Festival

Happy February!
I'm excited that February is here. I have to write my goals out for this month, but as usual they will most likely have something to do with fitness and photography. I have a show coming up!
I'm excited about. My friend and director Gary Schultz invited me to particiapate in the 2009 Recession Proof Art Festival. Its a art festival with different emerging artists coming together to help raise funds for Gary's new film "Who Is Jude?"

"Who is Jude?" Film Synopsis (taken from the website):

, a lonely anti-social tech geek, and his only friend, his pet turtle BRONSON, are faced with a catastrophic situation beyond the walls of their tiny garden apartment. With no electricity and no form of communication to the outside world, JUDE is warned about a possible terrorist-attack taking place outside his home by the woman that lives above him, IRIS with whom he is infatuated. Are these occurrences the plot of some sick joke? Or is Jude's world really coming to an end?

So anyway I am in the festival and if you are around on Saturday you should totally stop by and say hi! I will be showing about 5-6 pieces of my work.
I'm excited about it.
Here are details about the event:
Sinnerman Productions with GMS Films
The 2009 "Recession Proof" Art Festival

Saturday February 7th,
6:30 P.M. to 9:00 P.M.
@ "THE SPOT", 4437 N Broadway
*$10 donation is required for admission and is tax-deductible.

Join us for an evening showcasing emerging artist from Chicago. As they exhibit various art forms: Visual arts, Music, and film.

So fight the recession and support the arts as we raise funds for the upcoming GMS film production "JUDE". The economy is beyond lousy and it's time to start the turn-around so all donations made at The 2009 "Recession Proof" Art Fest are TAX DEDUCTIBLE. "JUDE" is a legal 501(c)(3) Not For Profit Film, so all donations are... tax deductible.

Act quickly, People who make a $10 donation before February 7th at the WHOISJUDE.COM website receive admission to The 2009 "Recession Proof" Art Fest and will be entered in our special "Bail-Out" raffle, where you could win some pretty cool prizes; Movie Tickets, Hour long Massage Therapy Sessions, a $25 Best Buy gift-card, free drink tickets, and just added a....... PALM TREO 755 PDA CELL PHONE.

*Must Be 21 and over to enter.

For more info please email us at or visit our websites at:
JUDE facebook fan page
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