Now that I'm 32

I recently celebrated my 32nd birthday, and I'm so excited to see what comes of it. I even created a birthday video. Originally I made it just to post on Facebook but it was so fun, I was like I'm just going to share this with everyone. So I hope you enjoy it! Thanks so much for being here



Behind the Scenes: Photographing Lorenzo

I spent the day making images of my buddy Lorenzo with my girlfriends and fellow photographers/filmmakers  Lauren and Kaira.  It was a blast working with my friends as we threw out different shot ideas with each other, made images, directed video, and excitedly shared that backs of our camera screens  sharing what the each of us captured.  It felt like high school again setting up photo shoots for no reason other than I just to make pictures.

Lorenzo is a graphic artist and DJ so outside of maybe a fun new Facebook photo he can actually use the image for promotions but there were no client expectations today. I allowed myself to be free in the moment, play with light and have fun. 

Do you ever just take time to have fun with your craft just because? It had been a while for me but I'm glad that I did. If its been a while for you, I encourage you to do it right away!

Pictures are fun, so here are a few behind the scenes images and actual portraits I made from the day.

Lauren and Kaira!

These are a few of the photos I made a few photos I made:

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