RIP Ms. Eartha Kitt.

Ms. Eartha Kitt passed away today.
I loved this woman. She was such a versatile actress and singer.
Sexy woman. When I think of black woman sexiness I think of this chick.
Eartha was 81 and passed away in NYC from Colon Cancer.

Keep your health in check. Life is way to short.

You can find out more here

Check out Earthas Official Website:

Bye Bye Polaroid

Polaroid film is gonna be no longer.
Click here to read
I'm too upset to even type about it.

Yeah December!!

So December is here. These months just shoot past me. Its insane. This month though I have made a few goals.
1. Complete the Master Cleanse Diet for minimum of 10 days. I'm currently on day 2 and I am writing about it at my other blog.
2. Update my website
4. Shoot some more

I didn't make it to tonight's board meeting for the ASMP. The weather is just awful and the drive is too long ESPECIALLY in nasty Chicago weather. I am excited though that I had some things to actually report so I will send the board an email, and that will be that. I cant be everywhere at once. I just was so excited to go tonight.
Oh well. Its not like I dont have work to catch up on. So thats what I will do. :)

Mr. James Holley

James Holley, the treasurer of CAAAP passed away. He had cancer. I am sad about it. He was a very good photographer and was a very nice man. I will miss James at our meetings.
Cancer Sucks. :(

And the nominees are......

I was invited last night to be a presenter at the the Columbia Collective Awards " A Chronicle of Creating Change. It was an award show. Since I am a Columbia College Chicago alumni , and am working in the photography/film world; the students of the Events: Festivals & Concerts Production course invited me to be a presenter. I was so touched and honored that of course I couldn't say no to that. The event was planner and produced by the students and it was a lot of fun. My girlfriends Antoinette and Tiffany accompanied me. We walked the red carpet, had our pictures taken and sat in VIP with swag bags. It was a lot of fun. My part was so simple. I read from a small script they gave me and that was that.
Being at Columbia again made me realize just how great that school was. The environment at Columbia is just so free and creative. You can be whoever and do whatever you want and that's a great feeling.
The production for being the students first time was amazing. They did a great job and I was so excited to have been apart of the event!

To find out more information about the Columbia Collective Awards , check out their myspace page

Feature in Rolling Out Magazine

I was featured in the lastest issue of Rolling Out Magazine!
Click the Picture to read the article!!
I'm so excited!


Hey! All Student Photographers. I wanted to let you know about an event coming up that you may want to check out.
Its a portfolio review with the ASMP. Get some feedback on your work.
It's Nov 10 from 5:00pm-7:30pm at Columbia College Chicago
If you are intersted in checking out make sure that you email Caroline Juhlin at
Being that I am now on the board of the Chicago Midwest ASMP. I will begin to post different things our chapter has going on.

Have a wonderful day!

Chocolate City Interview

I met Charles Mombo, owner of the website Chocolate City, a website that gives information and news about the African American community contacted me about being featured on his blog, I was so excited. He asked a lot of great questions and I wanted to share the interview with all of you.

Full Interview Click Here is grateful that talented photographer, Stephanie Graham, has been kind enough to take some time out of her busy schedule to answer few questions and has been generous in allowing us to publish three images from her folio of work. The images featured Walmart, Tasha, and Malari (in order of appearance).

Thank you Stephanie for agreeing to this interview with And now… on to the interview…

CC: What are your favorite subjects to photograph?

PEOPLE!! I LOVE TO SHOOT PEOPLE! I am also really interested in anything dealing with gender, class and age. I love hearing stories from people and taking my observations and recreating them.

CC: When did you first become interested in photography?

I was taking a youth ministry class at my church. One of the youth leaders were

Walmart by Stephanie Graham
Walmart by Stephanie Graham
showing these photographs to other kids in our group and I was like what are these pictures. There was nothing interesting about them, they were just snap shots but they were black and white, glossy 8×10’s but they were cool. When I asked her about them she told me that she was taking a photography class at our high school. I was like really? It fulfilled the art elective that was a requirement. So I enrolled in it the following semester. I like to think the whole thing was divinely ordered Lol.

CC: What was the first photograph that you remember making an impression on you?

I think it was my first major shoot where I worked with a small crew. I had makeup and hair, and an assistant, and a model. I shopped for the wardrobe and the 5 of us went out and made an image. It gave me goose bumps and as my model swayed and posed for me I was like wow! I am really doing this. When I got the pictures back I was sooo excited. It was a picture that could have been in a magazine. I still get excited when I stumble upon images from that shoot.

CC: In your general opinion, do you think art schools are a good idea or a waste of time?

Tasha by Stephanie Graham
Tasha by Stephanie Graham
Hmmmmmm the million dollar question. Its really hard for me to say because I went to art school and I turned out great!! LOL!!. I often wonder if I didn’t go to art school if my life would be different. God orders my steps so its really hard to say. I do think that education/training is good to perfect your craft. You don’t have to necessarily go to art school to get that training you could take classes and workshops and practice and still be successful. What I like most about class settings in art school is the constant critique and dialogue that keeps happening with your peers and instructors so you are always thinking about your craft. Art school also allows the college degree that is “so important” College is a must of its right for you, but no I don’t think that you need to study art in college, I would suggest someone to maybe study business first. Art is a business; talent will always be there.

CC: Do you have any formal training in the art and science of
photography? Did you go to (art) school?

Well I learned photography in high school in Schaumburg and then I went to Columbia College Chicago where I continued my photography studies as a minor and took up cinematography as my major. It was a tough program, but I had a great time, met fabulous people and learned a lot about myself as an artist. I was mega happy when I graduated. OMG! I was so happy LOL.

CC: What first inspired your interest in photography? What continues to inspire you?

Photography was a subject in school that I really looked forward to. Not that I blew off any of my other studies but it was the only thing in high school that I took very very seriously. I was so surprised that I was creative which made me happy because I wasn’t all that great academic. I’m like YES! There is hope for me to have a great career in my life. I automatically knew it was what I wanted to do. I think what sparked my interest was that I was successfully completing art What continues to inspire me as a photographer is all the stories that I have in my mind that I want to share through my pictures and films

CC: What’s the most important quality a photographer needs to have?

Passion and personality. You have to be fun and likeable. Shoots can be all day sometimes and no one wants to work with you if you are a jerk. Passion because I need my subjects to believe in my project and what I am trying to do. You will get a much better picture that way I feel. They go hand and hand one doesn’t trump the other.

CC: What cameras and lenses do you use most often?

I’m still a film girl. I shoot medium format 6×7. I shoot with a Mamiya RZ 67 Pro II. My lenses really are all over the place depending on what I am shooting but I always make sure that I have my 110 and 65 mm lenses. They are my babies those two lenses.

CC: Name a photographer(s) whose work you respect and admire.

I really love the work of Nikki S. Lee, Carrie Mae Weems and Anthony Goicolea All these photographers photography create their own scenes and stories and use themselves as their own subjects. Their setups range between simple and elaborate; yet have a lot of meaning in them. I love them. You can see that it takes a lot of time to get the shots together, but they look effortless and you get what the artist is saying, well at least I do. LOL

CC: What’s coming up? Exhibits? Shows? Photo shoots?

Malari by Stephanie Graham
Malari by Stephanie Graham
Right now I am working on 2 portrait projects where I am photographing comedians and pastors daughters. Once they are completed I will have an exhibition for them. I’m shooting a documentary about black kids in white suburbs.

CC: What magazine/brand or advertising agency would you most like to shoot for?

I would die to shoot just one layout for “Vibe”. To me, Vibe Magazine is the Vogue of Urban Photography. I would also love to shoot for “W Magazine: The Art Issue”.

CC: OH NO!! Photography is suddenly against the law and you must!!! Choose another career…. What would that career be?

If I couldn’t do photography; I would definitely be a life coach. I love inspiring people and helping others realize their dreams, and breaking down the steps to achieve each dream. I get a real joy out of that. I often joke with my friends telling them I am their life coach. LOL!! Who knows maybe I will look into doing it anyway.

CC: Thank you very much for taking the time to talk with [end]

OMG!!! NO !! Thank you.

You can see more of Stephanie’s work at her website - which showcases more of her photographys.


Hey Everyone!!! My good friend Marckey is auditioning for the new Vh1 Show Daisy of Love. So I am supporting him by putting out the word

Click Here to Vote for Marckey!!!

Good Luck Marckey!!!


I'm sick. I hate this. I hate sitting still and not being able to do anything. I understand the reasons that I need to remain still so that I can get some rest and get better but I still do not like it.

Creatively I need some inspiration. So next week I am going to go the the museum and get myself inspired, but not this week because I am Sick

Grrrrrr. Well I hope I get well soon.


Hey!!! It's October 1st!!! New month, new beginning and new GOALS. I am always trying to reset my life, and so I look forward to the beginnings of new months. What sucks is that I have had a cold since Sunday so I am not bringing in October has healthy ready to go kind of girl. Its all good though. I am welcoming October. October is also my birthday month OCTOBER 20!!! Same day as Snoop Doggy Dogs Birthday !!! I know thats the best thing in the world. I am going to be super attentive to whats going on this month because in 19 days I will be 26 and I am like OMG!! What is to beceome of my life Yikes 26!!! eeek !!! I am getting up there. If you are reading this you may be older than 26 and be like um..... Stephanie get a grip but really its scary getting older to me no matter what my age. I still feel like I am 19. Today on the 1st I am just going to sit and think of some monthly goals of what I want to accomplish this month and for my 26th year, as I sip on this Tylenol Cold and get myself back to 100%.

Enjoy your day!!! Enjoy this month

Congratulations Kristin!!!

My girlfriend Ms. Kristin Hanson-Turpin was married on Saturday and I want to send an official congratulations out to her.
I met Kristin back in 2005 while I interned on the film "Roll Bounce". Kristin was the art department coordinator. We have been friends ever since. I was also in her wedding. It was alot of fun, and Kristin was very sweet, laidback, and happy.

Kristin also designed my business cards wooo hoo!

Kristin- You are beautiful, amazing, a wonderful friend , talented and giving. Thank you so much for including me in your wedding and just being you.
I love you.


(picture was taken last year at my 25th birthday party!)

Peep Shown Television Pilot

I started working on this television pilot this past week for Spike TV. Its a very funny, and I am having a great time working on it. Basically the show is about two men and there sexually frustrated lives, it has a dark, vulgar sense of humor while still being a very intelligent show. Its all filmed in perspective of the characters, and its very fun to watch. The show is already a big hit in Europe and hopefully it will be the same here in the states. You can check out the European version of the show here:

Im on the board!!!

I am a board member for the American Society of Media Photographers Chicago Midwest Chapter. I would go to ASMP board meetings while I was in college to network, learn whats going on, and most importantly for free pizza and pop ( come on, I was in college) and now I am on the board. I am really excited about it, but of course I am also nervous. My voice and opinion goes into the outcome of what our chapter of ASMP does. On top of my being a board member I am also the Chair of the Gallery Committee for Chicago working with photographer Marie Phillips as the Gallery Committee. Its overwhelming but you know what I am ready for this challenge, all things happen for a reason and I am super excited.

So get involved!! If you are in Chicago or Wisconsin, you should come and check out a meeting. Right now Marie and I are in the planning stages of everything but we really hope to have some super great events.
Email me at for more details

Gallery Committee Mission Statement:
The gallery committee promotes the work of members to potential clients
and the general public though public gallery showings and social/members-
only showings and contests. The committee seeks to encourage members
who are interested in displaying their work in artistic venues, while fostering
relationships with galleries and museums.

PLS Mag: The Green Issue

I was given the awesome opportunity to photograph the Green Issue for PLS Mag. This editorial shoot by far top five of my favorites to photograph. The Model Moji and stylist Amanda Hartmann was very laid back and cool. Its always refreshing and relaxing to work on fun projects with fun and creative people that are just as laid back and care free as you.
Click Here to go to the Official PLS Magazine to see the whole issue, for free.

The new issue of PLS Magazine is out and Yours truly photographed the fashion layout.

Working With Friends

This is a video rant about my views on working with friends. What do you think about working with friends? Is it a do or don't?


HOME SHOW LIVE!!! IS ON YouTube and it features yours truly. Home Show Live is a show directed by my good friend and indie filmmaker Eric Pausz, it's a show about an interracial couple that performs a television show in there house, because the live networks refuse to have it on there show. It's Comedy. Insanely silly, and what can I say, it stars me. We taped this show a few years ago for one of Erick's television classes. Oh Art school, it was a good time to do foolishness like this and have it resurface on YouTube. Check it out, there are a few of them because it was broken into segments. These segments are with me, but you can see all of Erick's awesome work here

Ovation TV & Cindy Sherman

Can I just tell you how much I really enjoy Ovation TV. It's by far one of my most favorite channels ever in America!!! Hell,The planet! and if you don't watch it or know what I am talking about, you better get with the program honey Ovation TV is where its at. It's just a channel that focuses itself around the arts all day and night. Its so damn inspiring and right now I am watching a interview about Cindy Sherman. I am so inspired right now I want to dress up like a old woman and photograph myself or something. Cindy Sherman is the Shit. Just today, while I am working on my new portfolio I have watched a piece on cinematographers, David LaChappelle, and now Aunt Cindy, well she is not really my aunt but you know. They have photography marathons which are awesome, but even when its not about photography, it doesn't matter its about art. Its awesome.

Thats it, just giving a shout out to Ovation TV while I'm working on printing my new images.

You can check out a clip of the Cindy Sherman presentation by clicking here

Woooo hooo

I finally went back to the gym

I went to the gym today. I was so happy to finally get back there. I hadn't been to the gym in months and the thought of going back was actually a little intimidating to me. I had to give myself a pat on the back for me getting there today!!! Woooo hooooo!!! Go me!!!

My Favorite Show!

Has anyone ever seen the show Neat? Its for sure one of my favorite television shows. Its a show where professional organizer Hellen Buttigieg helps people from all different backgrounds declutter there homes. Its a good show, and in addition to helping these folks get organized, Helen helps them to also clear there minds. I find the show very inspirational and more often than not, I find myself surrounded in small piles of things that i ether need to reorganize or I'm throwing things away. Its always reaffirming that you don't have to keep everything.
A Hip Hip Hooray to Neat Tv !!!


Omg!!! It has been far toooooo long since I last posted. My last post was about how I wanted to inspire and motivate, and then I take off! How bogus was that of me!!! I have a good reason, I have been filming Formosa Betrayed, a 1983 political thriller with actor James Van Der Beek. It was a tough film but overall a good time. I am happy to be able to take some time off, get some sleep, exercise and get back on with my photography career.

Perhaps I will just put myself out there

I've decided that I want to be that photographer that inspires other photographers and artists and really get into the mix and make a name for myself in this industry. I am going to start to push forward with this, and just make it happen. I told Leslie Burns this once, and she agreed that I would be a good one for it. So here goes, I have put myself out there. I was just inspired by this while reading the blog of photographer Nick Onken, I just have decied its best to be open. My goal for this blog is a place that people can come to learn not only about me, but what I think about everything.

Happy to Be Chillin

I am very happy about today and I am glad that this week has officially ended. I must admit, it was a bit overwhelming. My tasks for the week were wrapping out Baby On Board; the independent comedy I had been working on for the past few weeks. On top of that, I was the audition coordinator for Who’s Got Jokes and we had live auditions on Friday and Saturday. ALSO Rodney Perry was also in town and agreed to let me shoot him for The Comedian Project, a new documentary portrait project I am working on. It was really just a lot. Everything went smoothly, I sort of feel silly for having an internal freak out. THANK YOU JESUS!!!

Right now it just feels good to be at my grandmas house on Easter Sunday. Chilling with the fam, catching up on my reality shows, shooting the breeze about teen life with my cousins. I’ve laid around here it feels good to just finally lie down and be lazy at grandmas house. WOW!! I worked every single day this week. I’m a hustler so it’s all good; but WOW, am I exhausted. Pat on my back for getting it all done. HEY! GO STEPHANIE! GO STEPHANIE! GO STEPHANIE!


As much as money I spend renting out random studio space, I decided to go ahead and get a studio space of my own. When Photographers Mark Niemi, John Kramer and Charles Albarran, made an offer to have me join there team at Studio 500 West ( website to come) I could not turn the offer down. It feels good. I made a goal to step up my photo game this year and so far so good. I am pretty proud of myself, and super stoked to have my own space.

And Now it's On

This was our first week of shooting and I am exhausted. As to be expected whenever I start a film gig, all of my skincare, nutrition, fitness, style, and moist-yur-eh-zae-tion regimens go out the window due to exhaustion. We have about 4 more weeks left of shooting, and I always enjoy myslef. I jsut hate that the habits I create for myself just go out the window. Oh well I am hoping that I can get it back together Monday when I have my standing chemical peel appointment to keep the chocolate in check( my skin I mean), and dare I make it to the gym? I guess we will just have to see.
ArtSyle posted a interview with me on there blog.

Check it out here

Random Chick at Caribou

So I come to Caribou Coffee to get some work done. It was quite in here until about a half hour ago. A woman asks me if she can share my table with me. "OF COURSE" I said to her. I was really only using half the table anyway and thee was nowhere to really sit. We exchange small weather talk and I go back to my photoshop and emails.
She asks me "Can you believe all this weather?"
"I know I tell her, it is freezing outside."
Now it is very clear to see that I am busy, so that should have been the end of our conversation
"what did you order" she asks me?
"A hazelnut steamer" I go quickly back to her work.

"Do you think this weather has to do with Global Warming?"
"hmmmm, its hard to say." I quickly say while typing so that she can get the hint, that I jsut dont have time for this. "


Walt Disney died of Cancer and had his body frozen. WOW! I didn't know that. I asked her if he did that, are they suppose to try to bring him back if a cancer is found.

Then she starts cracking up
LADY. whatever

now she wants to know what what i am doing. You know what, I appreciate the small talk and I love talking to strangers, but now is not the moment. JESUS SAVE US.

New Work added to my site

New work. Designer Paul Wesolowski

The Passage: I'm speaking on a panel

February 19th, Tuesday, Northwestern University's School of Journalism will host CAAAP's "PASSAGE: Chicago Streets to African Roads" lecture and the exhibition of "The Passage," at the McCormick Tribune Center on the Evanston Campus.
I, along with CAAAP Photographers Louis Byrd, David Trotman-Wilkins, Worson Robinson and James Holley.
For more information about the Chicago Alliance of African American Photographer, check out the website here

New Header!!

I have a new header that I am happy about and I have my hommie Peter to thank for it.

Thanks Peter!!
Check out Peter's work at
Diamonds and Chucks= Stephanie Graham

My Interview with the Chicago Artist Coalition

The Chicago Artist Coalition interviewed me for there Chicago Artist To Watch program. I was interviewed by Miguel Jimenez, the assistant to the publications Manager for Chicago
Artists’ News. Here is the interview:

First, a little bit about your

background: Where were you
raised, and where did you do your
undergraduate work?

I was raised in Schaumburg
and went to Columbia College in
Chicago. I graduated in 2005.

Your photographs are taken

in both urban and suburban settings.
Is that a reflection on the
duality of living in the suburbs and
studying in the city?

I was raised in the suburbs, and
even while going to Columbia I still
lived at home in Schaumburg. But
there was always something about
the city that intrigued me when I
first started to go there…there was
just a lot more diversity. During
high school, my friends and I would
take trips out to the city and go all
over Chicago – just hanging out and
exploring. It was an experience of
freedom from the whole suburban
life that was really routine. The city
had lots of layers to it. There were
lots of different things going on and
people from different walks of life.

In many of your photographs
taken in the city, there seems to be
a focus on the way women express
themselves with their bodies and
fashion what do you look to capture
in these photographs?

A lot of it is just off of my own
observations of people. I just try to
reset them and exaggerate them a
little. They are women who have attitudes
and exude a confidence all the
time that I’d never seen before. I am
showing this confidence and making
it grander than what it usually is.

Can you describe the process

behind these photographs?

Everything is always set up. I
have stylists, make-up artists, and
models. I talk to the models about a
character that I build up. I can see a
lady sitting at the bus stop with her
hands in her pockets, very voguish,
but she can be tired waiting for
the bus. I tell a model, “Picture the
girl waiting for the bus, it’s really
cold, and you have to get to work...”
Models and people can relate to this
because they’ve seen these characters.
They know the person that I’m
talking about and they know the

It seems like fashion brings

something unique to these re-staged
real-life scenarios. Fashion and
photography really collide. Where
did this idea come from?

I like fashion photography and
I also like photo journalism. I take
both things and put them together.

You have a project that seems
to follow these ideas, entitled “The
Wal-Mart Project.” Can you tell us
about it?
A really good friend and I go to
Wal-Mart and take pictures every
year. We dress up alike and pretend
we’re a couple, and we take pictures
together. I just thought it would be
fun to bring a model into Wal-Mart
and take a picture. They have these
crazy backdrops with sailboats and
leaves and other stuff, and I thought
it’d be interesting. That’s something
that I’m working on now. It’s fun
to see the portrait photographer get
involved. I direct the model and after
we take the picture, we all look at
the picture. The model can look, the
photographer can look, and we have
to decide whether or not we want the
picture. It’s just a fun project. I’m
going to video tape the next one.

Is that what you’re currently
working on?

Yes, and I’m also working on
a documentary / mockumentary
about black kids who are raised
in predominantly white suburbs.
I’ll be able to do a portrait project
with that.

Finally, what keeps you going as an
artist, specifically when something
like the state arts budget
cut occurs?

I hope that someday I can get to the
point where I can be so successful
that I can meet with someone and
change his/her mind or be able to cut
a check, because art is really important.
If I hadn’t studied art I wouldn’t
be here. It’s all that I’ve wanted to
do. It’s important that other people
get that opportunity to express themselves
and know that careers are
available in art and that you can
make a living doing it. I can’t believe
that they cut the budget. I just really
hope that I can get to the point where
I can make a difference.

For more information about the Chicago Artist Coalition click here

Today was payday at the gig. On my way home I stopped by Barnes & Noble to look for a book I've been wanting to get for a bit. Turns out the book was out of print so I head straight to the magazine section. Grabbed a mag, then another , then another.
My total : $86.26
I cant help it, I am a magazine freak.
Impulse buys are a muthafreaka

Retirement Saving

You know when I was in the fourth grade I my teacher would pass out these weekly readers. I remember an article in there suggesting that children start having retirement funds. The savings account my parents started for me became my savings account and I did pretty well with it until I decided to become an artist and go to college and other different things in my life.
That was awhile ago, I just wanted to show how I was at some point in my life finacnially savvy.

Sitting in the waiting room of the dentist office today I picked up this financial magazine. There was an article that talked about retiring rich. At the age of 25 this is what I need to do
  • Save $268.00 each month
  • Invest 100% of my money into stocks
  • Make an easily accessible account with interest of 4% or more
  • Pay down credit cards and other high interest debt
As much as I would love to follow these guidelines they are just not realistic for a film/photography hustler such as myself. It really put into perspective for me that I need to start to think about this now that I am 25. I have thought about it before but now I really need too.

Hmmmmmm. Just a thought. As a freelancer, I don’t have a 401(k) I am researching individual 401(k) so I will let yall know what I find.

I did a Google search and found the magazine. It was Kiplingers.
Check it out here:
How to save a million

Weather is NOT COOL right now

It sucks that I am at work and I live about 35 minutes from my office. The snow is coming down and I just want to go home. It's a big one too, almost a foot of snow is expected.
These are pics that I just took outside of my window, this is just the beginning. It really REALLY sucks.

New Movie gig

Today is a pretty busy day. Its more like chaos around me, but I as usually am just m peaceful self in the middle of it all. AdBase called me today, curious about my renewal plan. AdBase is great, but working in movies and me being my only employee its hard for me to stay on top of my marketing. I hardly have used them, and I think I really have to just focus on my book right now. I want to get my photography biz up and going. I have wasted enough money in 2007 and I am trying not to go there this year, I’m on a new movie called “Baby On Board”
Here is the synopsis:
in the tradition of “Knocked Up” and “40 year old Virgin” comes a hilarious comedy Baby On Board about Angela (Heather Graham), an ambitious, beautiful, image conscious, career-oriented woman, and her loving husband, Curtis (Jerry O’Connell), and their unexpected pregnancy during the peak of Angela’s professional path and her over demanding boss Mary (Lara Flynn Boyle). From the hormonal and emotional mood swings to the comical physical changes taking over her once perfect body, this film chronicles the hilarious cause and effects of pregnancy on modern day businesswoman, especially when their best friends Danny (John Corbett) and his wife Sylvia get involved. Baby on Board begins with an unwelcome, “inconvenient” pregnancy and its nine-month rollercoaster ride. This hilarious battle of the sexes turns this film into one of the funniest romantic comedies of the yea As usual my title is Art Department Coordinator, and on this particular film it seems like I am doing product placement also. It’s the perfect job for me; its one of those jobs that you work while you are trying to get your own personal work off the ground.

I'm Just Gonna Do What I Want to DO

I was just speaking to my friend Jonathan on the phone, sort of complaining about life. You know the basics, paying off student loans and credit cards, and also why I cannot seem to choose between film and photography as a career path. The problem is that when I work on movies, I have no time for my photography. I feel as if I need to hire a marketing assistant to help prep mailers and make telephone calls for me so that I can really get my photo life flowing. Jonathan feels that this is something that I can and should be able to do on my own. I agree with him, although again, being on set for 12 hours day or the next few days is not going to make this very workable. So then he says that "I can do whatever the FREAK I want to do, and if someone disagrees, then screw em" Language was perhaps a bit more colorful. I guess I should work for me instead of trying to do for me around the mans time. Its hard though, and alot of work it can become overwhelming, sometimes its just easier to write someone else a check. He's right, the crazy thing is, I know this already. I suppose its just easier said than done. So again I am going to give myself a refocus and just say to myself: IF SOMEONE DOESN'T LIKE WHAT I AM DOING THEN I NEED TO UNCURL MY MIDDLE FINGER AND JUST KEEP IT MOVING

So I went to Starbucks

So I went to Starbucks today and ordered a Venti, skinny single shot, hazelnut latte. The Skinny latte is something I had been ordering for a while, but recently Starbucks called them “skinny” meaning skim milk and sugar free flavored syrup. Anyway, Starbucks seasonal cookies are to die for. They are by far the best-frosted sugar cookies that I have ever had.
So when I ask the cashier to add a sugar cookie to my bill, do you know that he HAD to get smart, and say to me “Mam, that would defeat the purpose of the skinny latte?” Smart Ass, I mean come on are we in a movie? Who says that for real to someone that they don’t know. I responded, um sir……….um excuse me brother, I was just speechless.

The thing is, he is right. My nutrition game is jacked up, but I don’t need some stranger to tell me that, but maybe I did. It is a known fact to me that my nutrition can be better. I don’t eat much, and I don’t eat often enough, but it’s hard. I am hustling right now and I rather be on top of my game then to stop and eat something. That’s jacked up I know and I am trying to make a conscious effort to eat better, and more often.
Its not an easy task though. I am not going to feel bad for eating my Starbucks frosted cookie either. That chump, really the nerve of some people.

There's Something About Miriam

I love reality t.v.!! I Love New York, The Hills, Project Runway, what can I say its a guilty pleasure of mine, but today I have seen it all. Fox Reality had a show called "Theres Something about Miriam", its a show in the style of "The Bachelor" where men compete for the heart of a women, PLUS a Mediterranean cruise and some money. I was checking it out while I was prepping for a television show. Fast forward to the finale when Miriam must choose, since this was my first time seeing the show it really didnt matter who won, but she picked some guy Tom.
So, then what was it about Miriam? Miriam was a freaking dude!!!! All this time she has been going around with these men kissing on them, and they were falling for her. NOT COOL. She could be hurt over that, come on here is this Jerry Springer. Tom, the winner was chill and said he would still go on the cruise, but then changed his mind cause he was lied to. You cannot do this to people, who does that? Who makes this up as a television show, and actually give it the greenlight. I'm sure they had security on board in case someone wanted to POP OFF, but you know in America that would not have gone down.

Reality Television I am super disappointed. See Check this out, No Doubt though Miriam is a hottie!

Shout it to the Mountain Tops "I'm Saved"

I saved this boy last night. Some random kid who gave me his number online. I said that I was threw talking to online kids but I was bored, and he was somewhat cute, so I texted him. He told me he would call me later, I don't know how but our conversation turned into how he wants to get into the word more, I asked him if he was saved and he said no. I said "duh" but its so simple to be, all you have to do is just say this sentence and actually believe it. I didn't have my bible with me, so I got out of bed and ran downstairs to my car grabbed my bible and turned to Romans 10:9-10. That was it and he was saved. See it doesn't take much.

Gangsta ( a mobile thought from my blackberry)

This was a random thought I had in my blackberry from this past Wednesday when I managed to get to the gym early:

Can I just tell yall I gangasta I feel right now, I woke up at 430 with a big toothache, but I still pressed forward to get to the gym. I'm here early waiting for it to open at 538. I am so proud that I woke up and just kept it moving. That's right Stephanie, your a hustler alright, this is what I have to do if I am going to rock it out. I gotta push forward. This was not easy, but hey!!! Right now I am super duper happy, and proud of myself.

Chicago Artist Coalition: I'm the Artist to Watch

The Chicago Artist Coalition, is this wonderful artist organization that I have been a member of for maybe like 1 or 2 years now. CAC is very much about educating artists about different professional practices, as well as educating the general public about the importance of visual arts to society. To sum it up the CAC is really dope for artists. I've really learned from them, how to step up and just put myself out there in this art world
I received an email from Olga, the executive director of CAC, about being nominated for the Chicago Artist to Watch program. Whoa!!! This is purely God. I mean, I dont really consider myself to be such an artist that would be chosen for such a honor. I mean, I am not really the type of deep photographer with super deep focuses on huge ideals, but maybe its exciting that people see my work for more than just a hot chick standing on a corner or something. I feel that my work is pretty literal and it comes from me and my surroundings. I must say that I am pretty excited about this, until I learned that I have to give a lecture about my work. OH MY GOSH!, please someone shoot me now. I haven't given a speech since my basic public speaking class during my sophomore year in college. Perhaps this is the type of discipline I need for the year. All of this work with the CAC has really made me focus on my photography especially the ,
documentary projects that I want to begin. Sometimes I just need a little push, and CAC has given me that.

Today I Took This Blog Quiz

I was surfing MySpace today when I came to this one chicks who had this personality type quiz posted on here page. It reminded me of when I was a girl and Seventeen Magainzine put out this quiz book, and in this book I was going to define who I was buy choosing one of three reactions to a scrneario. Of course then I took it for gospel,and thought it would be fun to check this quiz out and see what became of it.I took this blog quiz today, and thought it was cute. I think that this is somewhat true, just thought it was fun, and I would share it
You Are An ENFP

The Inspirer

You love being around people, and you are deeply committed to your friends.
You are also unconventional, irreverent, and unimpressed by authority and rules.
Incredibly perceptive, you can usually sense if someone has hidden motives.
You use lots of colorful language and expressions. You're quite the storyteller!

In love, you are quite the charmer. And you are definitely willing to risk your heart.
You often don't follow through with your flirting or professed feelings. And you do break a lot of hearts.

At work, you are driven but not a workaholic. You just always seem to enjoy what you do.
You would make an excellent entrepreneur, politician, or journalist.

How you see yourself: compassionate, unselfish, and understanding

When other people don't get you, they see you as: gushy, emotional, and unfocused

Breaking Down 2008

So perhaps I lied about the other quick blurb about 2008, but I suppose it sort of is a big deal. Besides I’m chilling in the house right now. So I have more time to really reflect on this whole New Year deal.
2008 is on its way here. Originally my plan was to go to church with a friend and stop by my cousin’s house after midnight, but the weather has me chilling in my father’s office typing about the New Year. Hmmmmmm what will happen in 08? I really think the whole New Year deal is a bit overrated. People get all glamed up and go out pay lots of money, to party it up with a bunch of people you don’t know. I am too laidback, and I the chill at someone’s house kind of chick, but tonight I am chilling in the crib, watching Americas Next Top Model Marathons. Its all good, I love it. I really am enjoying just sitting here and being chill.
So, new years resolutions……… even though I am not going to make any official ones for this year I do have my regular things that I always work on and I have decided to break it down.
You would think this is something that I keep personal, but I figure if I put it up here, others that read it can help me keep on it. After all it does take a village to raise a child. (Not that I am a child, but it’s a good quote in reference to teamwork)

Relationships with Others: I must say that I am a pretty cool chick; I am honest, sincere, considerate, and funny. HOWEVER, there is always room for improvement.
I will be nicer to people. Even though I am classified I think as already nice. I can always be nicer, and maybe a bit more aggressive. I am also no longer going to care about what others are doing. If they want my help, that’s great but I am not going out of my way to make sure others get stuff done unless they act that way to me. Not being rude, just 2008 we don’t have time for foolishness.

Networking/Socialite: I am going to go out more. Even if it’s just something chill. I gotta put myself out there more, and this year I will also mail out Christmas Cards. Walk up to people, really perfect the style of schmoozing. Damn, well I said it. Learn the art of Schmoozing.

Friends: I love my friends. I have the best friends in the whole entire world!! I hope that we can enhance our relationships even more. My out of state friends, I can keep in better contact, so I will try. I can make new friends too, but my hommies are the baddest kids in the land!!

Health/Fitness: I have done pretty well with this, in October I started lifting weights and this year I plan to continue to do this, and add cardio. Eat better and just be overall healthier. This is not easy for someone that is such a picky eater such as myself. It’s a challenge that I really want to take on. It would be nice to find a yoga or pilate’s class. Even tai chi would work. I just want to do something where I can relax and just focus on my me, myself and I.

Photography/Visual Art: I am going to continue to work on this, AS I ALWAYS FREAKING DO. Step it up a bit and shoot more, promote more. SHOOT MORE, PROMOTE MORE! I really want to push my photography to the limit. The sky is the limit and I am excited to really rock it out.
I guess this goes with socializing and networking, but I am going to make it out to more art shows and lectures.

God/Church/Spirituality: Duh! Without God, I am nothing. He is the reason I am where I am. He is the reason that I am so free; He is the reason that I am who I am, and why I have so many opportunities ahead of me.

Style: I am really not that bad, but like my relationships, and everything else in my life there is always room for improvement. I think that I just my embrace my femininity a little bit more, and wear more dresses. They are fun. I like them and since I am working out it seems like the easiest piece of clothes to rock. Whatevs, so here goes for me.

Film: the jury is still out on. I know that eventually I am going to have to figure out if I want to do photography or film. I have no idea how to make a balance with this; hopefully 2008 will give me come clarity in this whole situation.

Opposite Sex: Fellas, if they want to ride out with me, I think that is fabulous. My main goal is my photography but hey. I am always down with a nice distraction. The 41/2 year boy and me are no longer so, perhaps it would be nice to be COMPLETELY SINGLE for a bit and just do me.

In Summary I suppose 2008 is just about Stephanie being Stephanie, they way I have always been. I do feel an upgrade coming along. It’s a subtle feeling in my stomach but I know it’s going to be a good year.

2007 was awesome. I met new people, I worked on a lot of movies, and I just had a good time. I hope that in 2008 I also do a better job documenting it via my blogs, and other outlets. Oooooooohhhhhh weeeeeeeee EXCITING!!!!!
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