RIP Ms. Eartha Kitt.

Ms. Eartha Kitt passed away today.
I loved this woman. She was such a versatile actress and singer.
Sexy woman. When I think of black woman sexiness I think of this chick.
Eartha was 81 and passed away in NYC from Colon Cancer.

Keep your health in check. Life is way to short.

You can find out more here

Check out Earthas Official Website:

Bye Bye Polaroid

Polaroid film is gonna be no longer.
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I'm too upset to even type about it.

Yeah December!!

So December is here. These months just shoot past me. Its insane. This month though I have made a few goals.
1. Complete the Master Cleanse Diet for minimum of 10 days. I'm currently on day 2 and I am writing about it at my other blog.
2. Update my website
4. Shoot some more

I didn't make it to tonight's board meeting for the ASMP. The weather is just awful and the drive is too long ESPECIALLY in nasty Chicago weather. I am excited though that I had some things to actually report so I will send the board an email, and that will be that. I cant be everywhere at once. I just was so excited to go tonight.
Oh well. Its not like I dont have work to catch up on. So thats what I will do. :)

Mr. James Holley

James Holley, the treasurer of CAAAP passed away. He had cancer. I am sad about it. He was a very good photographer and was a very nice man. I will miss James at our meetings.
Cancer Sucks. :(
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