AWWW Snap 08 yall is in the house

2008!!! Less than 7 hours away, and what am I to do. I am not going to make resolutions, cause that ish is always made to be broken. I have never met someone to keep there resolutions. I am excited for the new year though. 2007 was a busy year for me and I feel truly blessed to have been around. but I suppose I should make some type of goals, but really it is nothing new. Be healthy, work on my photography, and be more spiritual. DUH, those are my forever goals. As for this evening I am not doing much, I am gonna go to church, and most likely chill with fam.

The answer to my cardio problems

The one thing I hate about my whole stay fly project is that I cannot seem to get into the whole cardio deal. Ewwww I hate it!!! It's boring being on that boring treadmill for 30-45 minutes and I just cannot get into it. So I had been playing with the idea of getting an MP3 player. I could get a cheap one strictly for the gym, but something had been calling my name to the green iPod nano.
So today I did it and made the purchase. We shall see what happens now, with it being new years eve and all I think all of America will agree with me, when I say its time to get my sexy on.

Fellas, Fellas, Fellas

Is it something in the bath water with these fellas in the world? Seriously the fellas are tripping.
I don’t understand why right away the following questions need to be addressed:

Do you want to be married?
Do you want to have children? If yes, How many?
EXACTLY what are YOU LOOKING FOR in a relationship?

Hold up, wait a minute!!! Can we just order our drinks first? I feel as if I answer these questions, not to my dates potential the dinner is over, WAY before it has begun. What is up with this? I don’t understand it. Why are people so much in a rush right now to jump into relationships? Why cant we just chill and take things SLOW.
Perhaps it is my fault. Right now, I am not looking to jump into a relationship. I am very much the chick that just wants to focus on my art right now. I can’t have a distraction of a fella trying to push me into a relationship right now. I need to keep my eyes on the final prize and lay out a foundation before ANY of the above questions can be answered. Its not that I wont be in a relationship, I just don’t want to think about such questions right away. IT SCARES ME.

To all of my single fellas, this is going to sound cliché, but you know what, its very true when I say that the right girl IS out there, BUT you may have scared her off with your wild questions. Chill out. It’s going to be ALL GOOD

My "little brother"

So I sort of have a little brother, he's my mothers friend and sometimes in lieu of a babysitter he will come and stay with me. I like him, I don't know much about him, but he's 13 and a nice kid. Whatever. Right now it's 10:01pm and he come shuffling into my office and just sits down by the tv in my office and watches t.v. I don't know what he wants, he does this also when I am in my bedroom minding my own business. I don't know what to do or say to him, I just say hi and continue on what I am doing, he sometimes just stares at me, and its annoying cause I don't know what the hell he wants. It;s weird. I suppose I should just pipe down, he is probably bored and would much rather be at home, he has his PS2 here, and he has been watching movies, I just don't know what I am suppose to do, and I don't like him just hanging around me. Hes a sweet kid, but I guess this is just how people with siblings feel. Especially those that have 13year old brothers.

who would have thought

The night of the Merriwether/Haddon Fight, Toya and I made a quick stop to TresBelle Vintage.I ran into Stephani Supastar. We use to be pretty tight in the 7th Grade. She's a stylist now. It was so random, I just walked into this stylists showroom and there she was. I worked with her sister Serenity who is a model a while ago, but it was good to see her. I like how we both were so nerdy and random back in the day, and now we are both working in "the business" together. I hope that we get the opportunity to work together real soon. Haha it was fun to reminisce about just how easily amused and corny we were, but you know.... What else are we suppose to be in 7th grade. We were corny, amused, secretly fierce!

Now that I am 25 (Part II) I probably should...........

should probably get Brazilian Waxes more often, work out more, dress more polished, really focus on what I want out of life, eat better, cut out negative people for good.- well i already do that but I am on no tolerance for bullshit policy, do more artwork, spend more time with my family, take my investment banker out to lunch (Yes! I really do have an investment banker, Im his youungest client and I have been with him since college) just have a small talk, do more creative projects, have a really dope MySpace page, take more time for myself, be a little bit cleaner, make sure that my teeth are forever on point, not eat so much sweets, eat more vegetables, be a better christian, deny my flesh, keep my godson more, lose weight, buy more clothes, make more money, do more self promotion marketing, go out more and network, change my hair more often, only keep quality boys in my life, know who everyone is around me in my circle and whatever, Stop thinking of Mr. Super Douche, journal, take my vitamins,network more, party more, sleep more, be more, take more risks, stop worrying, trust god and chill out.
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