I just wanted to take a few minutes to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I really appreciate everyone!!! Please take some time to relax and enjoy the holiday.

Make Goals Happen

Chris Brogan has a great post today about setting goals. As 2009 winds down I am all about goal setting right now. Check it out here

Have a wonderful weekend.!


December 1 2009!
Which to me, means GRIND TIME! Seriously! 4 weeks left to tie up all loose ends with my business.So what are you going to do?
Here is my plan:
1. Complete the Prosperous Artist Restart-Business Building Program. FYI This program is free to anyone. Try it out and if you find it helpful consider joining the Prosperous Artists Academy. Alot of what I need and want to do for my business is covered in this 8-hour program so I am going to schedule it and go!

Click Here for the Prosperus Artists Restart Your Busines Program

2. 2. Collect/Pay all outstanding debts. I only have one client that owes me and a late bill came through. As they say at Prosperous Artists get back into the black. So really make sure all my receipts are in my accounting program. All bank paperwork is in check and is ready to go.

3. Clean my house, especially my workspace. My mother always tells me "never go into the new year with a dirty house". Yes mom! I am on it.

I am also hoping to secure a lab for some scanning that I need done ,as one of my 2010 goals is going to be to copyright and scan my entire film archive. I know this will cost a little bit of money so I am going to wait until after the holiday but Im pulling it all togther now. Preparation is key

4. Select images for portfolio. If I push really hard I can make this all happen for 2010.

I think thats about it , basically a bunch of lame organizing things that I really dont want to do but I know I need to do them.

Final Grind AHHHHHH!!

Also, if you are in Chicago this week. APA is hosting Selina Maitreya's program "Survive? Think THRIVE? click on the flyer for more details.

Thanks for reading and feel free to share with me what you are preparing to do to finsh up 2009 strong. Hope to see you at Selina on Thursday.
Enjoy your day

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