Make Beautiful Things, even if nobody cares. Saul Bass: On Making Money vs. Quality

If you are not familiar with the work of Saul Bass, its all good. Saul Bass was a graphic designer and filmmaker. I'm not that familiar with his films but Saul is responsible for some of the most iconic logos in ever including one of my personal favorites, the Girl Scouts of America logo.
In the short clip Saul explains his ideals on money vs. quality.  and I love what he has to say!


Let me see what apps you got...

I get asked this question all the time in social situations from other fellow iPhone-ers. Its like by swiping through each of my screens you can quickly run down my personality or something.. so weird, but I get it, afterall this is the day of "sharing information" and something that I have on my iPhone might be useful for you. With that being said I wanted to post a few of my ultimate favorite iPhone Apps that I think everyone should use.

Evernote: I have Evernote installed on my phone, my desktop, and my laptop its the ultimate note taking, bookmarking, scrapbook app out there. All in one. For sure, I use to store qucik reference shots that I need for a meeting, i jot quick thoughts when I am reading articles, or see something, I copy and paste great quotes that I see on someones Twitter feed. Its really all that. Plus its FREE and it syncs on all my devices for one big happy place.

Wunderlist: Same as Evernote I have it synced on all my devices. Its a simple task list, and you can keep notes under each task . You can share it with others if you need to , but its not all that serious for me. I still use post its and random paper but then I think, Oh yeah! I have Wunderlist and then I just transfer everything to it or Evernote. Free App def worth it!

This app (yep! another Free one! All about the frugal life over here buddy!) Is Perfect! Just plug in your original price and the sale price and BAM!! You are a savvy shopper on the go and no more feeling stupid counting on your fingers in the middle of Urban Outfitters. You just look like your texting while you are trying to figure out if the 30% off Frye Boots get to come home with you or not.
*update*- this app now costs 99 cents but if you are numbers challenge which I can def be sometimes, its still worth it, and this app can also calculate buy one get one too! YES!!
My Fitness Pal: Forever on the road to the healthy kingdom I really like tracking my food and physiocal activity with the My Fitness Pal app, I have used a few others (Spark People and Lose It!) but MFP (My Fitness Pal) has a clean design, and the barcode scanner works perfectly each and every time for quick tracking!! Oh.. and you know its free!!

So I will stop there! Maybe add more at another time, and of course I would love to hear what your favorite iPhone apps are so chime in the comments section!

Im off to the APA/ASMP Bar Night!
Enjoy your evening and thank for reading


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