How Not to Act When a Co-Worker is Laid Off

HAPPY 2013!! We did it! We are here, so lets make the best of it! 

As I was saying in my last post,I was recently laid off, a wild and overwhelming experience that surprisingly seemed to effect my co-workers more than it affected me. So I had some insight about this experience that I wanted to share with you. Just in case you find yourself in this situation here are my thoughts on "How Not to Act When a Co-Worker is Laid Off". 

A few more I forgot to mention after a discussion from me and some girlfriends:

*Dont tell me to steal office supplies in a joking matter
*Dont ask me for my office chair or other supplies on my desk
*Do say that you are "sorry this happened" or " Lets go have a drink and forget about it, My treat"

Have you ever been laid off and experienced this? What are your Dos and Dont's? Tell me in the comments

Thanks for reading and watching :)

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