Business Book Club

Just when I thought things couldn't get any more busy for me.  My girlfriends and I have started a business book club.  I'm excited. I'm all about business books, I read them on my own and in my past life I really think I was my own Dale Carnegie.

I find change to be super duper hard.  I hate it.  Right now, I am trying to loose weight.  Saying no to M&M's ,Taco Bell and OMG BUFFALO WINGS... Im not so happy about this change right now :(
I know the outcome will be great, but for now.... NOT GOOD! That was just a small change, lets not even go into photography right now....

So I was really happy when my friend Courtney decided on our first book:

"Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard" Click here for the Amazon page.  I am currently on page 28 so its sort of hard to tell what I think of it yet, but I heard great things about 
"Made To Stick" also by Chip and Dan Heath.

So we will see.
Feel free to read with me...
Thanks for reading.


Manic Mondays

In my dream world, this would be my Monday.
5:15am alarm off- The snooze button does not exsist.
straight into the shower , 
curl my hair- Big Power Girl Curls!!!!
Get dressed.
Accessorize myself
Make breakfast and pack lunch and the rest of my snacks for the day
Walk Fozzie (my dog) and feed her.
Grab my bag that I responsibly packed the night before.
Out the door by 7:30

Instead my Mondays are total chaos.  I guess if I ever did have a structured Monday then I would have to worry about what was going wrong in my life.

Today was a great day. I got alot done. Im pretty happy.

Thanks for reading.

March... Already!

I cant believe that it March already! I'm glad though... My life can now begin. January and February is always a complete mess. I feel like I am a chicken running around with my head cut off as I work to get settled into the new year!

This month is going to be busy for me. I have alot of things planned so I am going to try to post as much as possible. I must admit my wanting a new blog design was prohibiting me from posting. Isn't that lame of me, but then I thought...
Ok I have people that read this blog, so its sort of selfish of me to just not post.
I need to make use of my current blog first before jumping ship. (Although I really like the interface of wordpress)
I appreciate everyone that reads this blog. So thank you so very much! Feel free to comment on my blog!

Welcome March! Im ready.. Bring it On!

Thanks for reading!
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