In Between Drinks...

My friend Gil is having an art show tonight. If your in Chicago and free you should join us. Its going to be a great time. 

Balance, Sometimes It Works Other Times...

Its been full steam ahead these past few weeks at the Graham Empire,THANK GOD!  I worked a commercial job and as soon as it wrapped, rolled right into a feature film that will work me through the end of summer. All project where I just completed  my second week,  All great stuff, but its been all work!!! I've been able to hit up a family bbq and hang with my pop on Fathers Day but outside of that... Nothing all work.

So I'm trying to balance myself back out to where Im hanging out, working out and spending enough time to focus on my art practice as well as client work.  One thing I have learned though. Balance is in deed something that you will hit dead on and other times you wont. 

Im always interested in how others make life work, so please share your thoughts in the comments

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