I'm Leaving Baby, I'm Trying Something New.

I'm leaving the Blogger platform and moving my blog to Squarespace so all of my art dynasties can live in one space. It's been great being here, and though this site is still up, I'm just not writing here anymore outside of the occasional post updates to keep Google happy. I hope you will join me at the new blog www.missgraham.com/blog

Thank You.

Barbara Bear Television Network

I went to school with Barbara Bear, she was EVERYTHING she had red hair, freckles, dark eyeliner and a boyfriend named Darrin, she was before her time and deserves to be honored. Also, her name was Barbara Bear, I cant think of a more fun name to say over and over again.

When Jesse Malmed invited me to be apart of his art exhibition Outside Jokes I knew this would be a great time to honor my old high school schoolmate.

I'm excited to present the Barbara Bear Television Network a series of my own film projects I programmed for AcreTV in conjunction with Jesse Malmed's Outside Jokes exhibition with Demo Project.

Program Includes:
Much Needed Advice with Cliff Zimowski
Nathan's Black Kid Table
Wendy's So This One Guy

The program plays in a loop for 15 minutes live on AcreTv.org now through December 31.

You can watch it right now, right here

APA Chicago Instagram Takeover

APA Chicago has invited me to take over their Instagram feed and of course, I said yes! I love Instagram! 

So next time you're on IG, please stop by and give me a shout!

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