Saturday with D2G

I had the opportunity to photograph hip hop artist D2G this past weekend. I met D2G a while back  when he performed at this show "Heavy Rotation" that happened monthly at Cafe Lura. What I found unique about D2 was that unlike some of the other artists that evening (and other evenings for that matter) that would perform and leave. D2 stayed the entire time long after he performed to support that other acts and partcipate in the open mic freestyle they had at the end of night. He was a true class act and I became an instant fan. 

My good friend and fellow artist Tone( pictured below), had already been working with D2G and painted this amazing painting inspired by one of his songs titled I-RAN.  so when I approached D2G about photographing him he was game, and Tone was also their to collaborate.

I-RAN Painting by Tone aka FeastisFamine

The three of us met for breakfast and that was all she wrote... We came up with some good ideas. I'm always inspired by other artists regardless of what their medium is, and I'm looking forward to more projects with these two. So there you have it! That's all she wrote!

It's also really important to me that as soon as its decided that I'm going to photograph someone that I try to support them and get to know them as much as I can to build a rapport. Plus,I  mean who turns down an opportunity for breakfast Delish!! LOL

We  had 3 locations and all in all I was pleased with the day. We closed out with a celebratory rum shot and chilled!

Here's a quick peek into some more images from the day

D2 with Artist/Friend/Collaborator Tone (@feastisfamine) 

Oh, and if your a hip hop fan you should def check out D2G's music. My favorites are his newest single "I-RAN" and "Windy"

Thanks for reading!!!

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