So Long Vibe

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So I just found out via www.whatsthejackanory that Vibe folded.
I always knew I would be on the right track when I was awarded an assignment with Vibe Magazine.
So you can only imagine how upset I was to hear that Vibe Magazine had folded. June has not been great month for good news. Vibe magazine, in my opinion the only best to find the best of the best in terms of urban American imagery. It's my version of Italian Vogue. The best of the best photographers were shown in Vibe Magazine. Damn. Now what. I guess like everything else I will adjust and keep it moving. It would have been nice to work with them though. Time waits for no one. This past month has been alot of awakening.
Emily Shur, has a interesting post on her experience with Vibe Magazine. Check it out here


I remember the"Bad" Tour was my first concert. I was in kindergarten and my parents bought me this black head band, that reaD "BAD" in that dripping font. I loved Michael Jackson and the next day my mother let me wear that headband to schoool. I said the pledge of allefgience thinking to myself. "I'm Bad"!

Right now all I am feeking is sadness. Its a crazy feeling, its like a chuck of the world is just gone. I was to a girlfriend last month about which celebrity we thought would make the world come to a screeching halt. We both agreed hands down Michael Jackson. Of course people have to pass on to their next lives, but why did this day come soo soon. So much talent. Right now, all I can think is how much this sucks and how crazy the media is about to get over this man. Wow. When I think he is going to come back and this is all just a dream. Its not a dream. Michael Jackson is gone.

I love this picture of Michael and Janet, becasue it reminds me of a picture I would take. I just love the color, and I loved seeing Michael and Janet together.

God Bless Michael Jackson and his family.
Its so important to live everyday the best. Make your dreams happen

My first commissioned piece

I am feeling sort of big deal right now. My friend/co-worker /fellow artist Margey, is awesome. She makes these great mixed-media paintings. She made one for a co-worker at Harrington and when she showed it to me, I instantly fell in love with it, and thought to myself "I have to have one!!" I asked if she would create one for me and she said yes!!! Honestly though, what artist wouldn't turn down the opportunity to create a custom piece for someone. I sure as hell would not.
These are a few jpegs of Margeys work:

Ive never commissioned a personal piece of artwork before. Thats the type of thing big deal people do. Hmmm, I'm excited to see how my piece turns out.
Check out more of Margeys work at her blog:

Lee had a baby!

My good friend Lee had a baby today.She had a baby boy and named him King. He was like 5 pounds and something ounces. So I wanted to take this time to tell her congratulations. Since I have a blog and all.

I cant wait to meet King!

The Best Website EVER!

Happy June!
WOW! Is it me or do the days seem really long?,Its so crazy because all while having these long(yet very productive, sometimes) days the months seem to be zipping past.
So you know my regular deal, very busy, Harrington is great! Sorry its been so long since Ive posted. This month I have alot of things that I am focusing on, most of them health but business/socially I am all about enusring that I follow thorugh. Last month I seemed to be so busy with everything, small things slipped thorugh the cracks. I am human, so I am not going to press it to hard, but also I am not going to slip again. So If I have committed to this blog I am going to post to this blog. Simple. Its all about time management really. So we will see how it goes.

So, I really had to share this awesome website with you. WGN-TV Channel 9 morning news shared this site during the "Surfin the Web" Segment. WGN's morning news is the best news program hands down. I love it, they are so silly and I get all the news.
At any rate, this is the website:
This website has all the foolish and ignorant family photos I have ever seen. With some of these portraits, it makes me wonder why the photographer thought these poses would be flattering or fun. Its just silly LOL . Here are some of my favorites:
I had to hold myself back from showing you all of them, seriously head over to the website
Enjoy :)
Now why would the photographer suggest the brother and mother lay on top of their sisters? See what I mean, silly. LOL

This is an engagement photograph! Can you imagine getting this on a Save the Date Card, and the thing is this couple I am sure paid good money for these picures. Being on the board of ASMP Chicago/Midwest. Please lets practice not only best business practices but you have to give your clients great results. These people look like they are on the run. On this piece is titled "Pssst".

Brother and Sister Portrait.

It gets better, I am telling you this is my new favorite website. LOL. I CANT TAKE IT!

Saving the best for last, this is one of the reasons why when high school friends would call and ask me to take pictures of them and there gangsta boyfriends, I would have to say no. Why you ask, becuase they want images like this......

just, I dont know what to say.

I hope you enjoyed these. Check out the site and let me know what your favorites are. I love it!~
Have a wonderful week :)
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