My Very First Festival is Complete!

The very first AudioGraham Music Video festival went off without a hitch!! Whooo hooo!! Check out some photos of us setting up and the directors on my facebook fan page. I'm so thankful to all the directors, and Comfort Station for allowing me to have my first festival there!

If you missed the festival, I got your back because you can see the festival here:

Oh and of course a few more photos:

I'm already making plans for next year! Im so excited!!

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"Golden Rule" at Terrain

Its official I'M A SCULPTOR!! Okay.. well maybe I'm not a full sculptor but I did recently complete my first installation/sculpture this fall with my piece Golden Kids in the 2nd Terrain Biennial.

I've never create an installation before but I'm excited that I had this experience and I hope I get the opportunity for more.

I'm really into video, so I made a video talking about my piece that showed along with Nora Maite Nieves in "Golden Rule" which was the name of our exhibition curated by Cecilia Vargas.

Here are a few photos from the exhibition:

Johanna (Owner of the site), Curator Cecilia Vargas and ME!! 
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