New Season!! New Change!!

Happy October !!My birthday month! LIBRAS LIBRAS!!! WOOO HOOO!!!! Fall is here! I love it!!!  There has been a lot of changing going on in my world these past few months. I have friends that are getting married, friends moving out of state, folks are getting new jobs and expanding their business, buying homes, just a lot going on and you know what....things are all good and it’s all positive and I am enjoying it!!!!

I’ve had a few changes going on in my world also. One being that I moved into a new place in the city, it’s a blessing, I’m in a great location and I am already spoiled with the luxury of being so close to my studio, friends and family. I knew I made the right decision when I was able to walk to my shoot the other week and walk right back home before heading to the college. It was so convenient and really nice.

The next major change is that as of October 1 , I am the new Chapter Director of the APA Midwest Chapter!! It’s really exciting for me because I love being involved with the photo community in Chicago and stepping into this leadership role, is a great opportunity. I honestly have no idea what’s ahead but I know its going to be brilliant. I am going to continue to remain on the board of ASMP, so life...well it just to get a little bit more busy. It’s okay though nothing I can’t handle. I think the best part of the new APA Midwest leadership is that I get to work with Callie Lipkin who will be the new Chapter Chair. Callie is a great lady and talented photographer. Annika Howe is on board too, as the new Chapter Rep. Annika is a rockstar producer in Chicago and I like her a lot! So we are all set to rock and roll! All new leadership and an all woman executive board. I like that! I’m looking forward to working with Annika and Callie, growing a professional relationship and who knows probably gain two new homegirls out the whole thing OW!!

I will continue to post APA and ASMP events on my blog as much as possible so stay tuned for all the great things that are coming.

What new changes are going on with you?

Casting Call: The Walmart Project

The Walmart Project:
I am currently looking for male models to work with for my ongoing personal project "The Walmart Project".
If you are not familar with the project check it out in portfolio 4 on my website. 
Currently I am looking for African American male models, and male models with blond and red hair.

If you are interested please include your contact information, phone number and a photo to

Alexx Henry: Living Art and the Future of Photography in Motion

Alexx Henry will be in the building this evening at Columbia College talking about the new digital paradigm and how it relates to photographers. Its free sponosored by APA and Workbook. Its going to be a great lecture. I will be there so stop by and say hi!

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