So Long Summer.. It Was a Good One

It was all about work for the Summer of 2013,  I had gazelle intensity and worked really hard on if anyone asked me if I was dating anyone, I said yes, and his name is MY ARTWORK ( lame I know but it helped me stay on track)! I got alot done and I'm really proud of myself!  I made new images for my project "So This One Guy", released the first sound for audiograham, a collaboration of a visual art and music project, and worked on the new Wachowskis film"Jupiter Ascending" with Warner Brothers. It was  one full summer!!  I was able to find some time for play though, which made those moments even more special! 

Here is a image recap of Summer 2013

(startiing from top Left: )Michelle telling her guy story// Jaime+ Me at Juptier Ascending Wrap Party// Set Decorator, Peter Walpole and Me

Chance, Rena and me, having a impromptu photo shoot on a boat ride// Lindsey,Jade and I chilling at a rooftop party//Tierra Verse, and friend taking client orders  and measurements at Niehla's Fall Fashion Preview.

(starting from top left:)My father and I on the set of one of my shoots// fireworks at Navy Pier//Uncle Jessie and wife Jade at their wedding reception picnic// car tattoo-fake? I'' let you decide//Niehla and Tiffany at Niehal's Fashion preview/ Model wearing one of Niehla's pieces

Hope you had the oppurtunity to enjoy your Summer!!! What kind of fun did you get into?

RIP Mentor, Ron Pitts

One of my mentors Ron Pitts, passed away Sunday. Ron had an amazing life, he was a history maker. Ron was the first black professor hired at Columbia College Chicago , where I received my degree in cinematography.  Ron had a warm, and playful spirit, and taught me to handle all aspects of the film business with love even when you have to be tough. Unfortunately it has been a while since I've seen Ron. I've told him how much I appreciated him before, but I would have loved to have told him again.
I will miss him, but I practice the lessons he taught me everyday. 

Check out this video. RIP

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