Welcome to the "Year of Greater"

"Cousin Nick playing dominoes" Summer, 2013
I spent my New Year's holiday praising the Lord at New Life Covenant Church. Going to church each new year has become somewhat of a tradition for me. It just makes me feel good and, you don't have to worry about overpriced events. I hit up a few house parties after and its a great low cost, spiritually fed beginning to the new year :). The service was awesome, there were tons of people there, the energy was anointed and super gospel singer Fred Hammond even performed. Everyone was excited to thank 2013 for all its blessings welcome 2014.  The night was truly special!!

I was inspired, blessed and encouraged when Pastor Hannah declared 2014 to be THE YEAR OF GREATER!  Awesome! I'm ready for it, my goals are set, I've got my mind right and I'm so excited to make 2014 exactly the way I want it to be.

I hope your as ready for 2014 as I am!!
Cheers to having a Year of Greater!

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