Hey you! I'm so happy you're  here!

I'm Stephanie and I'm into all things film and photography. I'm a visual artist and my work explores the themes of personal relationships, social class, subcultures and women.
In addition to being a full time artist, I also work as a coordinator on a television show for a major network. As much as I enjoy that work, show business is tough! I freelance and understand the ebb and flow of what comes with that. I totally get it!

I've started this blog to share my projects, experiences, ideas and commissions that go along with my art practice and business. I hope to inspire, and be inspired through hearing from readers about how they make it all work.

As a woman that thrives from human connection, I most definitely would love to hear from you. So please comment on the blog, subscribe to my email list for news and updates with my work, and these days I'm loving snapchat so if you like to snap you should add me. The world is so much easier when we can share with each other.

Looking forward to hearing from you!!!

-xoxo, Stephanie

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