Barbara Bear Television Network

I went to school with Barbara Bear, she was EVERYTHING she had red hair, freckles, dark eyeliner and a boyfriend named Darrin, she was before her time and deserves to be honored. Also, her name was Barbara Bear, I cant think of a more fun name to say over and over again.

When Jesse Malmed invited me to be apart of his art exhibition Outside Jokes I knew this would be a great time to honor my old high school schoolmate.

I'm excited to present the Barbara Bear Television Network a series of my own film projects I programmed for AcreTV in conjunction with Jesse Malmed's Outside Jokes exhibition with Demo Project.

Program Includes:
Much Needed Advice with Cliff Zimowski
Nathan's Black Kid Table
Wendy's So This One Guy

The program plays in a loop for 15 minutes live on now through December 31.

You can watch it right now, right here

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