Happy to Be Chillin

I am very happy about today and I am glad that this week has officially ended. I must admit, it was a bit overwhelming. My tasks for the week were wrapping out Baby On Board; the independent comedy I had been working on for the past few weeks. On top of that, I was the audition coordinator for Who’s Got Jokes and we had live auditions on Friday and Saturday. ALSO Rodney Perry was also in town and agreed to let me shoot him for The Comedian Project, a new documentary portrait project I am working on. It was really just a lot. Everything went smoothly, I sort of feel silly for having an internal freak out. THANK YOU JESUS!!!

Right now it just feels good to be at my grandmas house on Easter Sunday. Chilling with the fam, catching up on my reality shows, shooting the breeze about teen life with my cousins. I’ve laid around here it feels good to just finally lie down and be lazy at grandmas house. WOW!! I worked every single day this week. I’m a hustler so it’s all good; but WOW, am I exhausted. Pat on my back for getting it all done. HEY! GO STEPHANIE! GO STEPHANIE! GO STEPHANIE!

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