Ovation TV & Cindy Sherman

Can I just tell you how much I really enjoy Ovation TV. It's by far one of my most favorite channels ever in America!!! Hell,The planet! and if you don't watch it or know what I am talking about, you better get with the program honey Ovation TV is where its at. It's just a channel that focuses itself around the arts all day and night. Its so damn inspiring and right now I am watching a interview about Cindy Sherman. I am so inspired right now I want to dress up like a old woman and photograph myself or something. Cindy Sherman is the Shit. Just today, while I am working on my new portfolio I have watched a piece on cinematographers, David LaChappelle, and now Aunt Cindy, well she is not really my aunt but you know. They have photography marathons which are awesome, but even when its not about photography, it doesn't matter its about art. Its awesome.

Thats it, just giving a shout out to Ovation TV while I'm working on printing my new images.

You can check out a clip of the Cindy Sherman presentation by clicking here

Woooo hooo

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