Happy New Year!

2010!! Time to get it going right!!! Isnt that what everyone says at the beginning of the new year? I know I do, but for some reason it feels world wide, like everyone is trying to better themselves all together.
So what are your resolutions? Mine are the basic, hang out with good people, better my photography, and loose 30lbs. So far I am off to a slow start but I am thinking thats just the holidays wearing off.

One thing that I am working on is getting a new blog together so I can bring better information and resources to the photography community. Im a resourceful girl, with a lot of fun things going on and I want to be able to share them with you, with a better presentation.
So Stay Tuned. I am very blessed to have all the readers that I have and its only going to get better in 2010!

Share with me your resolutions or goals. Time to get it in for 2010!!
Thanks for reading!
Happy New Year

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