3 Words for 2011

2011 WOW!! Can you believe it. It seemed like it just crept up on us right?  Chris Brogan has a cool approach to his New Years Resolutions that I wanted to share with you, and you can check it out here. He even listed my words on his blog today.

Here are my 3 words for 2011:

Faith-Let Go and Let God. You hear that phrase all the time and it is simple. A challenge but a simple challenge.. I want to work on not making that such a challenge and focus on building my spiritual relationship.

Family(Friends)-life is short and family is important. working on sets, with students, sitting in meetings, do all the cool things I am blessed to do you simply forget about your families, and friends. In the amazing world of photography and film you can get caught up in all of it and you simply loose your priorities. When the sets have been wrapped and events are broken down, what really matters is our relationships and memories you leave with those you love.  So you have to make sure that you are taking the time to create those memories.

Collaboration-I know some really great people, and meet more amazing people everyday, and I want to work with them ALL! Photographically, I am really looking forward to creating a new body of work with awesome artists, and building on a few of the personal projects I have been working on but this word means so much more.. To me its about building the support system I need to create the success that I want. I want to loose weight, so I have to build a collaboration around that, meeting with friends every other day to hit the gym, or go to dance class. I want to teach more programs and classes on business and entrepreneurship so I have to build a system for that, financial goals... that needs a support system too. 
This word is important because you can do everything yourself, and you know what, there are people out there that really want to help, and they have a lot to say.. so why not let them.

There you have it!!
What are your 3 words?
Feel free to share them with me or with Chris, whoever just share them with someone

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2011!

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