While hanging in Vegas the other week documenting my trip wit the usual, general snaps one would snap as they enjoyed vacation , and then...well what can I say the drinks were flowing, music was pumping and I became INSPIRED!!! At that moment "#randomblackkidcamera" was born.

Fun project filled with randomness as I ran up and down the strip, in and out of clubs, having the time of my life, striking up randoms convos, dancing with random people I just started asking people to pose with me..  and there you have it "#randomblackkidcamera" !!

At this point I honestly dont know what is to become of this project, I would like to keep it going but you know as of lately my iPhone hasnt been holding a great charge and its been dying on me during some really great times a #random____camera project could get started which is really annoying but I will figure it out. Until then I had a great time just playing around :)

Have you ever had a spontaneous project kick off when you least expect it?Tell me all about it in the comments?

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