2 Quick Lessons, We Can All Learn From Lindsey

The August Break, Day#2, Lindsey- 4th of July Weekend

This is my girl Lindsey, I met her a few years back at our mutual friend Janelles cd release party and we've been hanging out since.  Lindsey works as a social media consultant and also maintains a blog and YouTube channel where she discusses her weight loss journey, style, hair care and purity. Its good stuff! I'm a fan of hers and lucky to call her my homegirl.

I was watching one of her videos this morning when I realized a few things that just wanted to share here. I was inspired and its just two things so here we go:

1. You have to put yourself out there.
Lindsey doesn't mind talking about anything to anyone. You never know how your helping someone from sharing your own experiences. This is the case for business or personal.  Its a good thing to let people know what your up too. I like being relatable, but of course you select how much you want to share. 

2. Establish boundaries for yourself and stick to it.
People say that this is a issue for a lot of creatives but I believe that its true for EVERYONE regardless if you're creative or not, but I HATE DISCIPLINE AND ROUTINE. However, discipline and routine is the foundation for alot of success in peoples lives! As much as I hate waking up at 5:30a to complete art admin work, or workout. I HAVE TO DO IT if Im going to meet my goals. UGH!! 
Okay enough of my crying about that (at least until the next post).  Lindsey is leading a life of purity, and has lost over 100 lbs. I admire that about her simply because it takes discipline and constant self-evaluation and awareness to achieve that type of greatness. I know its not always easy she would tell you that herself, but I strive to be consistent in my personal and business goals everyday, so I find it inspiring, and hearing about the bad times are also helpful to know I'm not the only one. Life is a sturuggle sometimes period, but its all good.

So check her out and keep fighting the good fight!!
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