I guess I never really explained who I was

I guess it would be good if I just say a little bit about myself. I mean, I am not sure if anyone is even reading this but I guess still, its nice to have a little intro about myself. Well my name is Stephanie Graham. I am a visual artist, Wow! I have never really called myself that before, but in a nut shell that is what I am. I'm a filmmaker and a photographer. I want to start getting into doing small installation videos, so look out for those too. I am not a writer by any means, but films are also time consuming so for the time being I am going to write on this blog. With both my photography and my films, I am interested in youth culture, subcultures, like black suburbia, and rich people, especially rich people, poor people. That's sort of the world I grew up in but my family is not millionaires, at any freakin-rate. So yeah thats me, just a fly chocolate girl out there documenting the familiar

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