The Self Potrait Project: Take 1

I have this idea that I want to try that involves me. I have always had a great respect for self portrait photographers. I admire how they can get such a good, image that actually happens to be in focus. I have ideas, that I only think I can pull off. I just don't see how to communicate it to anyone else, so I am going to give this a shot. As I was exploring how I can pull this off I decided to email one of my favorite artists who photographs herself, Morgan Konn. She is dope, One of her works is, called "Her House, Her Clothes" where she goes to a womans home and photographs herself in that womans clothing. It's wild. At any rate, I emailed Morgan about her process and can you believe that she emailed me back!!! I mean seriously, how often does that happen So with her suggestions in mind, I tried to photograph myself, just as a test.
But did it work, Not really. This is what came of it

I guess I still have some work to do, but I still like these because they are the first pictures I have ever taken of myself. Dammit all self portrait shooters, you make it look so easy!!!! I am excited to kick this project off though and see what comes of it. LOL

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