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I was reading A Photo Editor this morning at my desk. If you don’t subscribe or check this blog on a regular basis, you should start. It gives perspective from photographers, art directors, photo editors and fine artists. Everyone and everything is covered in this blog. I love it.
So this particular blog Rob posted was about a young photographer that used Twitter to share with the world his excitement about being hired to shoot a national advertising campaign. That was immediately shut down when a account executive found out. Turns out it was a violation of contract.
Read for yourself here
Damn. This really sucks. Could you imagine being on cloud nine, all excited and what not, telling your friends, celebrating with your hommies, dreaming about how your career is about to take off! Then BAM! Just like that its over, and now you are wondering if you are ever going to be hired again. I would loose my mind. WOW!
I feel bad for that photographer whomever he/she is. I could have easily done the same thing, not thinking and being overly excited. simple, honest, stupid mistake and I for one have learned a lesson, before one could ever be taught. This is very interesting because I am just getting into Twitter and I think its fun. I'm starting to connect with alot of different people. Discussions are rolling and I am enjoying it. So thats it. The rule is to share, but dont share it all.
I can dig it.
I just had to share this. Lesson learned

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Anonymous said...

A great blog post on a timely issue, Stephanie. There are so many subtleties to this lesson we're all learning. It's not just venting and ranting that can generate problems, as this example so dramatically illustrates. Wow!

Thanks for your post!

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