I Heart Mighty Text

So.. I lost my iPhone, no wait I take that back.... someone stole my iPhone at my birthday shindig. ( stolen eases that pain that I really couldn't be so careless, you understand, PLUS I really do think it was stolen). AT ANY RATE that was in October and since I have to wait until February for my contract to renew to get a cheaper phone, (Can you believe AT&T wanted me to pay $250 for to early upgrade PLUS the cost of the phone HECK NO! I will wait until February thank you very much). So I ended up snagging this my first smartphone style Android to use while I wait for February 1st to come . 

So having spent the last few months as #TeamAndroid, I wanted to share my love for the app MIGHTY TEXT. It's Android specific and its AWESOME!!  In a nutshell Mighty Text allows you to text directly from your laptop. It has been my savior for me to keep in contact and have conversations with those friends that who no longer believe in the telephone , my buds who are on set and unable to talk and of course, my little sisters who really should be awarded worlds fast texter. (Is texter a word?)

Bravo to the fellas that put this together its really a gem.

Check it out for yourself let me know what you think!!


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Jabari said...

Check out AirDroid. It essentially is a remote control of your phone on your laptop!

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