It's Who You Know...

Yesterday I met with my accountability partner discuss goals for the year and the progress we have made thus far with our art business and projects. I cant tell you enough how important having a partner to help through all of this is, she is smart,talented, funny, knowledgeable and of course INVALUABLE to my art practice.  Each time we meet, we listen to each other to discuss everything we have going on, we discuss work goals, fitness goals, art goals its all up for grabs. We congratulate each other as well as help each other with challenges, it keeps momentum in my world and thats important.

So anyhoo, one of my partners goals for 2013 is to continue to build and foster relationships with people in the art community. Awesome!!! Building relationships and keeping them consistent is the foundation of alot of goals, especially in arts and media so I was all for it.  Stephanie Graham the Career advisor kicked in and I introduced Deirdre to the RELATIONSHIP ACTION PLAN. A relationship action plan, or RAP as my girlfriend Mikey and I call it is a strategic plan on who you need to meet and how you will meet them to help you reach your goals. I think the term was coined by Keith Ferrazzi, a strategic consulting guru. 

We all know how beneficial it is to write out your goals, but it is good to have an idea of who is going to help you get there, so be sure to include a RAP into your plans too! It will take some research, LinkedIn searches, phone calls and emails but it becomes a lot less intimidating to do these things when you have a plan with action steps in the mix.

Try it! I found a really good article here about how John approached his RAP plan.

Good Luck!! 

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