Night of 100 Canvases!

I donated a piece of art to the Silver Rooms "We The People:100 Canvases" Exhibition and Fundraiser. The Silver Room has hosted an annual block party in the Wicker Park neighborhood, this will be their 12th year hosting the "Sound System Block Party". This was my first year participating and it was alot of fun.

The piece I donated was from a series I call "Waiting". The work was originally commissioned by Globetrotter Magazine. My bestie Logan was the model for the series, so between Globetrotter Mag (a friend of the Silver Room) Logan and myself all being friends and supporters of whatever The Silver Room does, this image was perfect.

"Waiting #1" printed, framed and bagged ready to for exhibition

The night was awesome! I even made a video of me just walking through the party for you to check out, even had awesome bud Sean Alvarez give me a quick praise for my piece. It was a good night. 

So the Sound System Block Party is happening July 19, 2014. If your in Chicago, you should definitely make sure you come out. I'm looking forward to checking it out myself, I've never been able to go the previous years.

Oh, and I have a few more photos with some of the artists and friends from the night!
 Top L to R : Promo Poster naming all artist, Me, standing by my piece,
 Bottom L to R:Artist Slang painting live, and a quick snap with the both of us

Top L: Curator Janice Bond, Photographer LaMont Hamilton . Bottom Left: Me and my friend Brian, we share the last name so we are automatically family right? , This is one of the pieces I auctioned on and won, I'm stoked about it!

So what do you think? Are you going to head out to the Block Party or what?!! Lets do this
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