Now that I am 25 (Part II) I probably should...........

should probably get Brazilian Waxes more often, work out more, dress more polished, really focus on what I want out of life, eat better, cut out negative people for good.- well i already do that but I am on no tolerance for bullshit policy, do more artwork, spend more time with my family, take my investment banker out to lunch (Yes! I really do have an investment banker, Im his youungest client and I have been with him since college) just have a small talk, do more creative projects, have a really dope MySpace page, take more time for myself, be a little bit cleaner, make sure that my teeth are forever on point, not eat so much sweets, eat more vegetables, be a better christian, deny my flesh, keep my godson more, lose weight, buy more clothes, make more money, do more self promotion marketing, go out more and network, change my hair more often, only keep quality boys in my life, know who everyone is around me in my circle and whatever, Stop thinking of Mr. Super Douche, journal, take my vitamins,network more, party more, sleep more, be more, take more risks, stop worrying, trust god and chill out.

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