Are you Prosperus?

I’m a new student at the Prosperous Artists Academy!! That’s right I am going back to school. Well maybe not really, but I sort of am. Last Friday I enrolled in Prosperous Artists Academy with creative professionals Rosh Sillars and Dean La Douceur.

If you have never heard of Prosperous Artists, I would encourage you to take a moment, open up a new tab on your computer screen and head over to and check it out. It’s all about your creative business, and how to be successful with yours.

The podcasts are free and I have every single one of them, but recently they have started “Prosperous Artists Academy” a website that has lessons; projects and tutorials on ALL things you need to know and understand to run a successful creative business.

This weekend I began going through the website and taking classes and participating in the forums. This to me is a blessing in disguise. Since starting Harrington I really wanted to take some time to reflect and refocus my business and work on some personal work. Especially while taking the time to learn the ropes and how I wanted to approach my position at Harrington. So Prosperous Artist is really just a great resource to really help you focus your business and break down and think out what you are trying to do. The best thing about this is you can utilize the knowledge of Rosh and Dean to help you along the way.

So I am off to become a prosperous artist. I’m excited about that.
Have a great day

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New Media Photographer said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the academy. We are working very hard to add more classes every month.

You have been a great student - asking a lot of good questions.


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