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I read this great blog called What's the Jackanory(WTJ). WTJ is a photo blog written by editorial photographer Andrew Hetherington. He has a series of "inside the photographers_studio" his latest one is on one of my favorite photographers Philip Toledano . I love Mr. Toledano's project based work. I was thinking that maybe I should focus on one project at a time, even though I always have alot going. After watching this video of Mr. Toledano, and crazy things such as Vibe Closing I better get a move on it. Its all about time management now.

So check out the video here on Andrews blog. He has others too, but this is the first one I watched. I plan to watch the others too. Good stuff.
Oh, and the video itself is very well done.

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Riaan de Beer said...

Very inspiring video

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