So Long Vibe

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So I just found out via www.whatsthejackanory that Vibe folded.
I always knew I would be on the right track when I was awarded an assignment with Vibe Magazine.
So you can only imagine how upset I was to hear that Vibe Magazine had folded. June has not been great month for good news. Vibe magazine, in my opinion the only best to find the best of the best in terms of urban American imagery. It's my version of Italian Vogue. The best of the best photographers were shown in Vibe Magazine. Damn. Now what. I guess like everything else I will adjust and keep it moving. It would have been nice to work with them though. Time waits for no one. This past month has been alot of awakening.
Emily Shur, has a interesting post on her experience with Vibe Magazine. Check it out here

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