@ Home Sick + Some Work

October is off to a wicked start. I'm home SICK!!!! I have canceled my plans for the weekend, to stay home and cater to my poor little body that puts up with so much. Thankfully I didnt have to bow out from to many commitments. I missed kickboxing this morning, and I am debating if my hot yoga class would be beneficial tomorrow evening. Who knows, I think I am just going to have to lay low this weekend, and not do to much of anything.

I wanted to share some contact sheets of some work I did this summer. The project was for my good dear friend Logan. Logan is a model with Ford, we met back in undergrad and have been best friends since. She asked me to photograph her for her new comp card and of course I accepted. Duh "Loags"(as I like to call her) and I are total besties

So, can I just tell you that this shoot was sort of crazy. Usually (at least 75%) a shoot with me includes hair stylist, makeup artist, and a stylist or designer, and of course a assistant. Low key, but still a small crew is there. We have craft service, and are in a well air conditioned/heat area. Well, Logan and I set out on our own this time. I don't know why we thought it would be okay to venture out without snacks, water on one of the hottest days in Indiana, but we did it anyway. The shoot was difficult, but we pressed through it. I guess we figured it was simple,but for anyone that has ever been to Indiana Dunes, there is alot of walking, hiking up the dunes, and all this stuff we werent prepared for.
Oh well, it still made for a fun day.

Enjoy the contact sheets, well what you can see of them, I scanned on my home printer/scanner. Its a Cannon but you know.... I'm sick perhaps I can be cut a little slack :)

I'm proud of the results. I'm excited to pull HEROS

Enjoy your day. Take time off. Remeber to take care of yourself.


Louis Byrd III said...

These are some nice images Stephanie! You must include a couple of these in the next Journey Magazine!


TLD said...

Awesome work Stephanie! I am so glad I found your blog through Louis!

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