New Media Secrets

Im very excited tonight because Rosh Sillars will be speaking at Harrington tonight. He will be presenting his program, New Media Secrets: Marketing Your Message

Here are the details of the program:

In this difficult economy and with ever declining budgets, how do you market your business effectively without breaking the bank?

This program is about sharing the new rules in the continuously changing landscape of communication. New Internet tools and applications are developed almost daily to help individuals and organizations better tell their story through digital marketing and personal branding.

Eighty percent of people with Internet access go to the Web first to find information about people, products and organizations. Blogs, podcasts, social media and Web 2.0 tools offer unique opportunities to level the playing field in the continuous effort to earn deeper attention of current clients and new prospects.

New Media Marketing is about the conversation, being engaged and attracting the attention of a world overloaded with information and resources

As I have said before Rosh is one of the founders of Prosperus Artists Academy, where I am a student. Its a great resource with priceless information

If you are in the loop tonight I would encourage you to come out. This is great knoweldge no matter what your medium is.

Register Here

Hope to see you there!

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