Now I'm 30

@my birthday party with friends Chance and Lindsey :)
I recently turned 30 and I made big deal about it, I had several events.  I had a family party, a sequins in the daytime brunch, and a big bash. Alot of planning and alot of fun, but guess who will not be doing all that planning next year *puts hand in the air*. LOL It's all good though after all you only turn 30 once. 

On my Facebook page, everyone shared with me how my 30s are going to be soo aweome, so I'm expecting a MONUMENTAL SHIFT! It's exciting and overwhelming and I have goals and wishes for my 30s.

I'm incredibly thankful to all my friends and family for making my 30s soo freaking awesome!

So here we go!! Of course I will keep you posted.

Thanks for reading :)

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