So Long 2012..... LETS DO THIS 2013 !!!

The Good, The Bad and Fabulousness of 2012 via my Instagram

My goodness, this year was fun (of course), but boy o boy was it STRANGE LOL.  Dont get me wrong its always a blessing to see another year and 2012 of course is no exception. But my good grief!! Politically, Personally, Professionally , WORDLY its just been off the chain. Its been a while since I was able to really reflect back over all the good, bad and fabulousness that has taken place in a year. I usually just feel like okay a good year and try to make the next one better but not 2012 no way, I'm completely aware of all that has taken place this year and I'm hoping to bring that self awareness into 2013. Who knows maybe its because I turned 30, I mean thats a change in itself. A Change I'm looking forward to since everyone says that 30 is when things get poppin! Haha.  I do though, believe that this self awareness is really due to me constantly being in tune with the goals and plan to carry out those goals. So if you havent set up a strategic plan for yourself DO THAT ISH FOR 2013. Seriously using your plan as a living document that you refer to all the time.. Its super helpful! Okay I'm off my goal setting soap box, but would this be a New Year's blog if I didn't say something about setting goals? I mean come on..

So anyway, with all the changes that took place in 2012 I'm expecting BIG things for 2013 and I hope the same for you!

Cheers to 2013!! I'm so ready!!
Thanks for reading :)

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