Breaking Down 2008

So perhaps I lied about the other quick blurb about 2008, but I suppose it sort of is a big deal. Besides I’m chilling in the house right now. So I have more time to really reflect on this whole New Year deal.
2008 is on its way here. Originally my plan was to go to church with a friend and stop by my cousin’s house after midnight, but the weather has me chilling in my father’s office typing about the New Year. Hmmmmmm what will happen in 08? I really think the whole New Year deal is a bit overrated. People get all glamed up and go out pay lots of money, to party it up with a bunch of people you don’t know. I am too laidback, and I the chill at someone’s house kind of chick, but tonight I am chilling in the crib, watching Americas Next Top Model Marathons. Its all good, I love it. I really am enjoying just sitting here and being chill.
So, new years resolutions……… even though I am not going to make any official ones for this year I do have my regular things that I always work on and I have decided to break it down.
You would think this is something that I keep personal, but I figure if I put it up here, others that read it can help me keep on it. After all it does take a village to raise a child. (Not that I am a child, but it’s a good quote in reference to teamwork)

Relationships with Others: I must say that I am a pretty cool chick; I am honest, sincere, considerate, and funny. HOWEVER, there is always room for improvement.
I will be nicer to people. Even though I am classified I think as already nice. I can always be nicer, and maybe a bit more aggressive. I am also no longer going to care about what others are doing. If they want my help, that’s great but I am not going out of my way to make sure others get stuff done unless they act that way to me. Not being rude, just 2008 we don’t have time for foolishness.

Networking/Socialite: I am going to go out more. Even if it’s just something chill. I gotta put myself out there more, and this year I will also mail out Christmas Cards. Walk up to people, really perfect the style of schmoozing. Damn, well I said it. Learn the art of Schmoozing.

Friends: I love my friends. I have the best friends in the whole entire world!! I hope that we can enhance our relationships even more. My out of state friends, I can keep in better contact, so I will try. I can make new friends too, but my hommies are the baddest kids in the land!!

Health/Fitness: I have done pretty well with this, in October I started lifting weights and this year I plan to continue to do this, and add cardio. Eat better and just be overall healthier. This is not easy for someone that is such a picky eater such as myself. It’s a challenge that I really want to take on. It would be nice to find a yoga or pilate’s class. Even tai chi would work. I just want to do something where I can relax and just focus on my me, myself and I.

Photography/Visual Art: I am going to continue to work on this, AS I ALWAYS FREAKING DO. Step it up a bit and shoot more, promote more. SHOOT MORE, PROMOTE MORE! I really want to push my photography to the limit. The sky is the limit and I am excited to really rock it out.
I guess this goes with socializing and networking, but I am going to make it out to more art shows and lectures.

God/Church/Spirituality: Duh! Without God, I am nothing. He is the reason I am where I am. He is the reason that I am so free; He is the reason that I am who I am, and why I have so many opportunities ahead of me.

Style: I am really not that bad, but like my relationships, and everything else in my life there is always room for improvement. I think that I just my embrace my femininity a little bit more, and wear more dresses. They are fun. I like them and since I am working out it seems like the easiest piece of clothes to rock. Whatevs, so here goes for me.

Film: the jury is still out on. I know that eventually I am going to have to figure out if I want to do photography or film. I have no idea how to make a balance with this; hopefully 2008 will give me come clarity in this whole situation.

Opposite Sex: Fellas, if they want to ride out with me, I think that is fabulous. My main goal is my photography but hey. I am always down with a nice distraction. The 41/2 year boy and me are no longer so, perhaps it would be nice to be COMPLETELY SINGLE for a bit and just do me.

In Summary I suppose 2008 is just about Stephanie being Stephanie, they way I have always been. I do feel an upgrade coming along. It’s a subtle feeling in my stomach but I know it’s going to be a good year.

2007 was awesome. I met new people, I worked on a lot of movies, and I just had a good time. I hope that in 2008 I also do a better job documenting it via my blogs, and other outlets. Oooooooohhhhhh weeeeeeeee EXCITING!!!!!

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