I'm Just Gonna Do What I Want to DO

I was just speaking to my friend Jonathan on the phone, sort of complaining about life. You know the basics, paying off student loans and credit cards, and also why I cannot seem to choose between film and photography as a career path. The problem is that when I work on movies, I have no time for my photography. I feel as if I need to hire a marketing assistant to help prep mailers and make telephone calls for me so that I can really get my photo life flowing. Jonathan feels that this is something that I can and should be able to do on my own. I agree with him, although again, being on set for 12 hours day or the next few days is not going to make this very workable. So then he says that "I can do whatever the FREAK I want to do, and if someone disagrees, then screw em" Language was perhaps a bit more colorful. I guess I should work for me instead of trying to do for me around the mans time. Its hard though, and alot of work it can become overwhelming, sometimes its just easier to write someone else a check. He's right, the crazy thing is, I know this already. I suppose its just easier said than done. So again I am going to give myself a refocus and just say to myself: IF SOMEONE DOESN'T LIKE WHAT I AM DOING THEN I NEED TO UNCURL MY MIDDLE FINGER AND JUST KEEP IT MOVING

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