There's Something About Miriam

I love reality t.v.!! I Love New York, The Hills, Project Runway, what can I say its a guilty pleasure of mine, but today I have seen it all. Fox Reality had a show called "Theres Something about Miriam", its a show in the style of "The Bachelor" where men compete for the heart of a women, PLUS a Mediterranean cruise and some money. I was checking it out while I was prepping for a television show. Fast forward to the finale when Miriam must choose, since this was my first time seeing the show it really didnt matter who won, but she picked some guy Tom.
So, then what was it about Miriam? Miriam was a freaking dude!!!! All this time she has been going around with these men kissing on them, and they were falling for her. NOT COOL. She could be hurt over that, come on here is this Jerry Springer. Tom, the winner was chill and said he would still go on the cruise, but then changed his mind cause he was lied to. You cannot do this to people, who does that? Who makes this up as a television show, and actually give it the greenlight. I'm sure they had security on board in case someone wanted to POP OFF, but you know in America that would not have gone down.

Reality Television I am super disappointed. See Check this out, No Doubt though Miriam is a hottie!

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