So I went to Starbucks

So I went to Starbucks today and ordered a Venti, skinny single shot, hazelnut latte. The Skinny latte is something I had been ordering for a while, but recently Starbucks called them “skinny” meaning skim milk and sugar free flavored syrup. Anyway, Starbucks seasonal cookies are to die for. They are by far the best-frosted sugar cookies that I have ever had.
So when I ask the cashier to add a sugar cookie to my bill, do you know that he HAD to get smart, and say to me “Mam, that would defeat the purpose of the skinny latte?” Smart Ass, I mean come on are we in a movie? Who says that for real to someone that they don’t know. I responded, um sir……….um excuse me brother, I was just speechless.

The thing is, he is right. My nutrition game is jacked up, but I don’t need some stranger to tell me that, but maybe I did. It is a known fact to me that my nutrition can be better. I don’t eat much, and I don’t eat often enough, but it’s hard. I am hustling right now and I rather be on top of my game then to stop and eat something. That’s jacked up I know and I am trying to make a conscious effort to eat better, and more often.
Its not an easy task though. I am not going to feel bad for eating my Starbucks frosted cookie either. That chump, really the nerve of some people.

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