New Movie gig

Today is a pretty busy day. Its more like chaos around me, but I as usually am just m peaceful self in the middle of it all. AdBase called me today, curious about my renewal plan. AdBase is great, but working in movies and me being my only employee its hard for me to stay on top of my marketing. I hardly have used them, and I think I really have to just focus on my book right now. I want to get my photography biz up and going. I have wasted enough money in 2007 and I am trying not to go there this year, I’m on a new movie called “Baby On Board”
Here is the synopsis:
in the tradition of “Knocked Up” and “40 year old Virgin” comes a hilarious comedy Baby On Board about Angela (Heather Graham), an ambitious, beautiful, image conscious, career-oriented woman, and her loving husband, Curtis (Jerry O’Connell), and their unexpected pregnancy during the peak of Angela’s professional path and her over demanding boss Mary (Lara Flynn Boyle). From the hormonal and emotional mood swings to the comical physical changes taking over her once perfect body, this film chronicles the hilarious cause and effects of pregnancy on modern day businesswoman, especially when their best friends Danny (John Corbett) and his wife Sylvia get involved. Baby on Board begins with an unwelcome, “inconvenient” pregnancy and its nine-month rollercoaster ride. This hilarious battle of the sexes turns this film into one of the funniest romantic comedies of the yea As usual my title is Art Department Coordinator, and on this particular film it seems like I am doing product placement also. It’s the perfect job for me; its one of those jobs that you work while you are trying to get your own personal work off the ground.

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