I remember the"Bad" Tour was my first concert. I was in kindergarten and my parents bought me this black head band, that reaD "BAD" in that dripping font. I loved Michael Jackson and the next day my mother let me wear that headband to schoool. I said the pledge of allefgience thinking to myself. "I'm Bad"!

Right now all I am feeking is sadness. Its a crazy feeling, its like a chuck of the world is just gone. I was to a girlfriend last month about which celebrity we thought would make the world come to a screeching halt. We both agreed hands down Michael Jackson. Of course people have to pass on to their next lives, but why did this day come soo soon. So much talent. Right now, all I can think is how much this sucks and how crazy the media is about to get over this man. Wow. When I think he is going to come back and this is all just a dream. Its not a dream. Michael Jackson is gone.

I love this picture of Michael and Janet, becasue it reminds me of a picture I would take. I just love the color, and I loved seeing Michael and Janet together.

God Bless Michael Jackson and his family.
Its so important to live everyday the best. Make your dreams happen

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